Leave the beach behind

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Power Curve Performance tip: Leave the beach behind.  The Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas host some of the most spectacular beaches in the world.  For us this means we see a great number of locals utilising the destination with family and friends.  4x4 are an Australian way of life and very few Sunshine Coast vehicles have not ventured onto the beach.  The fall out we see in our work shop from this is sand and salt not being washed from these 4wds. DIY Tips for cleaning your 4WD Post trip Rust deterrent is a fantastic idea.  Not sure on how great the electric rust prevention measures honestly are but a fish oil base is a great deterrent for your vehicle. Always wash...

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Ford Everest

Ford Everest, ECU Tune, Diesel tune, Power Curve Performance, Sunshine Coast, Nambour, Mechanic

For Everest presented to the team for an ECU Tune.  The customer had been recommended by a friend who had their Ford Ranger ECU Tuned and loved the results. The question is often I know I need this but what will it do and what can I expect.  Most of us have heard of the ECU Tune and the basics that it will make your vehicle run better.  As this customer said why do I choose Power Curve Performance and what do you stand for? The best way I can describe this was presented to me half an hour earlier by an unhappy ECU Tune owner.  The out of state owner owns a 200 series Landcruiser and like the Ford Everest owner...

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Camaro miss fire

Camaro miss fire, Power Curve Performance

Camaro presented to our team with a miss fire and running extremely rough.  Thought naturally is that the customer expected some serious issues with this vehicle.  The Camaro also showed numerous codes also including abs faults. A little investigation bought us to a seemingly unlikely single fix for the whole issue.  Spark pulgs have in the past been the single contributing fault to the above issue. Once the new spark plugs where installed the Camaro came to life.  On a test drive the power was unbelievable.  Simple small part made such a difference to the Camaros on road performance as if someone had unhooked a semi trailer from the rear of the vehicle.   The owner had thought possible tune and who knows how many...

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Rear-Coil-Conversion-Flex, Power Curve Performance, Ford Ranger,

4WD Law QLD is a point of hot debate and concern for many QLD 4WD owners.  4WD upgrades, servicing and tuning is a focused stream for Power Curve Performance and as a result, we are experiencing first hand your concern.  So what is happening in our sunny state of QLD and what can you do about it. Operation Lift Operation lift we have been informed was a 3 day blitz on the Gold Coast focused on vehicles that do not meet the QLD code of practice vehicle modifications.  Now in version 3 February 2018.  Operation lift has pointed to code LS9 and LS10.  Even more specific vehicles equipt with ESC.  Although this is the report that the 3 day blitz is over we are...

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2015 ZD30 CR Auto Nissan Patrol

2015 ZD30 CRD Auto Nissan Patrol

There are many modification options out there for the 2015 ZD30 CR Auto Nissan Patrol.  Fortunately, Power Curve Performance provide the Sunshine Coast with a one stop 4x4 centre.  We can provide it all from servicing, a vast range of suspension, exhausts, snorkels and performance upgrade packages. Enhancing power in a diesel is much more achievable than a petrol. For the below, we have upgraded the exhaust to a Legendex. This is Australia's toughest 3" stainless off-road exhaust system, in fact the only exhaust with an off-road warranty. Legendex delivers serious grunt & rumble. That means a more efficient engine for extended engine life, fuel economy and more power, especially when combined with a Power Curve Performance ECU Tune- and, of course, that...

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2016 3.2 Ford Ranger Manual

2016 3.2 Ford Ranger Manual

2016 3.2 Ford Ranger Manual perfect in nearly every way for a work ute.  Perfect beside the turbo lag.  The technology behind the old work ute is amazing the way the manual changes in comparison is just like driving an auto, bar the fact you need to change gears, they are so smooth.  The only lacking issue is the turbo lag. Tradies work ute getting to jobs on time and without frustration is of key importance.  The difference in arriving 5 minutes late to a job can mean the loss of a contract.  Frustration with the lag and lack of throttle response can easily be the difference between not making it on time. Many have had issues with the new Ford...

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Nissan Navara D40 2″ Suspension

Nissan Navara D40 2" suspension

Finally, the local owner has himself a 4x4.  New owner of the Nissan Navara D40 2" Suspension was sick of his dream of being a 4x4 owner.  So he went out and purchased himself a D40. Not long into the own, he started to notice the rest of the 4x4 out there and that he potentially owned a family car and not a 4x4.  Best way to rectify this he felt was to lift it off the ground and upgrade the tyres so that he COULD take the D40 off road. Owner of the D40 lives in Burnside himself with his little family and after driving past the Power Curve Performance workshop and children attending the same school as Patrick and...

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TD42 Power to be had

TD42 Power to be had, Power Curve Performance, Dyno Tune, Nissan, Patrol, Suspension, Dyno tuning

Sometimes its best to get everything done all at once in hindsight.  Last week a gentleman came to Power Curve Performance with his slightly modified TD42.  Years ago he had slightly upgraded his turbocharger and his intercooler.  After this point, he had always meant to tune the vehicle and had not got to the project.  After years of waiting was there TD42 Power to be had?   TD42 Power to be had We speak to many customers who buy brand new diesel or new to them diesel and wonder if a tune is good value and if they should wait?  There is two reasons not to tune your diesel.  1. Give it two months so you get a feel for the vehicle...

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ECU File Kills Navara

ECU File Kills Navara, Power Curve Performance,

Power Curve Performance pride themselves on quality outcomes for customers and vehicles.  We highly support our own ECU Tune abilities with a long line of happy customers and reliable vehicles.  Often we will be presented with vehicles from other previous sources with an undesired tune that we are requested to resolve.  For our latest customer, the previous ECU File has resulted in a world of headaches prior to it being delivered to us. In fact the ECU File kills Navara is the sad result. Back Story The Navara was booked in for an ECU Tune after having a new engine installed and injectors.  We were made aware that the engine was experiencing some additional smoke and a rattle on startup. ...

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2015 Mitsubishi Triton ECU Tune

2015 Mitsubishi Triton ECU Tune owner of the local Yandina BP service station.  Feeling a lag and lack of power from the Triton. Seeing so many turbo diesel utes drive in and out of the BP makes you wonder if you can get more out of your own vehicle. 2015 Mitsubishi Triton on the dyno Once on the dyno, it is clear to see the issue the 2015 Mitsubishi Triton has experienced.  Between 1800- 2300RPM the power and importantly torque drop and dip.  This area is where the vehicle will need power to overtake and merge.  The red is the standard factory file with general services there is nothing out of the ordinary about this vehicle.  This alone shows a very...

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