2x V8 79 Series Landcruisers

x2 V8 79 Series Landcruiser ECU Tune, Power Curve Performance

2x V8 79 Series Landcruisers in for ECU Tunes, 4terrain clutch, Catch can and de soots. Two separate vehicles from South Brisbane, Toowoomba and Ipswich.  Both in today for a power and performance upgrade with the team.  A picture tells a 1000 words so lets see what kind of picture we can paint on these two vehicles. 4Terrain Clutch PROTECT YOUR DIESEL ENGINE AGAINST COSTLY OIL & SOOT CONTAMINATION Direction Plus ProVent oil separator kits protect your modern diesel engine by substantially reducing the amount of oil entering the engine from blow-by gas in the crankcase ventilation system. By not fitting a Direction Plus ProVent system, it is likely that your engine will experience a progressive reduction in performance. Direction Plus ProVent...

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Michaels’ new Commodore

Buying a nice new to you car is a big deal to you.  Time money and investment into the new vehicle it is extremely important to ensure your investment with a good check over and service.  Michaels' new Commodore has had the kings treatment a full detail tidy up to make it his own.  Power Curve Performance has run the new Commodore on the dyno to see what power the vehicle is producing.  This figure is above the level expected from a standard Commodore.  This confirms the point that the customer was looking at given that the seller stated the vehicle has a chip of some form.     New vehicle service Checking over your new vehicle is a sure...

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Hilux Winch install

hilux, winch, power curve performance

Andrew has been a long term customer of Power Curve Performance and recently purchased a new winch for his Hilux.  Currently experiencing some medical issues Andrew is unable to install the winch he purchased.  Power Curve Performance confidently is able to assist with Andrews job.  Superior Engineering and Power Curve Performance are working together to provide the Sunshine Coast with a one stop 4x4 upgrade and service centre.  A Hilux winch install is a great asset.  If your planning a little weekend fun with your mates or headed out on a trip a winch can get you out of an embarrassing situation. Winch options WARN® M15000 Enough capacity for the heaviest loads A heavy-duty 15,000 lb. capacity winch with a 4.6hp series...

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Diesel Particulate Filter

dpf failure, dpf solutions, Power Curve Performance, diesel performance, sunshine coast, ecu tuning, diesel chip, diesel performance, 4x4 service

"Does your vehicle have a Diesel Particulate Filter?" or DPF as we will call it, often leaves customers blank-faced.   For many, they are the new much-debated item in Australian vehicles.  The European vehicle industry, as well as trucks, have required this emission control unit for some time. What is a DPF? A DPF has been designed with the intention of changing the way exhaust gasses are expelled into the environment.  An emission controlled unit just like the exhaust gas recirculation unit that has been in diesel vehicles much longer than the DPF.  So if you imagine a DPF much like a catalytic converter or honeycomb.  The look of them is similar, the ideas is the diesel particulate matter or soot is captured in the compartments. ...

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2004 DI ZD30 ECU Tune

2004 DI ZD30 ECU Tune looking at increasing the power and reliability of the engine.  As a standard upgrade on these vehicles a roof rack, bullbars, and accessories you are pulling power from the vehicle.   The Nissan Patrol is well known as a great tow vehicle.  Increasing the power in these makes them a pleasure to drive and tow with.   2004 DI ZD30 ECU Tune v Chip Why should I ECU Tune v chip? Is panadol the best treatment for a broken arm? Well yes it will help reduce the pain but will it resolve the issue long term? No. You also can not be sure of what further damage you may cause.  A chip can be the same in...

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Easy tow Toyota Hilux

Easy tow Toyota Hilux, ECU tune, Power Curve Performance

Mark and Paula are a busy hard working couple.  They took some time out earlier in the year and came to see us at the Nambour caravan and camping show.  For them, the Hilux is the pride of the work fleet and its main job is the heavy lifting and towing.  Their aim is to gain more power from the Toyota creating an Easy tow Toyota Hilux. Upgrades A manual 2007 1KZ manual carrying large weights a clutch is a must, however, more so for this vehicle.  Mark and Paula are carrying a consistent water weight that we would estimate to sit over a tone.  Not only is the extra weight there is moves around creating a lot of hard labour on...

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3013 BT50 auto ECU Tune

3013 BT50 auto ECU Tune, Power Curve Performance

3013 BT50 auto ECU Tune is a sure way to gain back power lost when adding extras to your 4x4.  Buying a BT50 is the starting point. Getting it to suit your needs is the project.  Are you a tradesman needing to tow a trailer or custom canopy.  Maybe you want to hit a few tracks on the weekend so you add suspension, bull bar, winch, rockslides, beer mates etc. Whatever your situation is these upgrades add weight which robs power. Bt50 diet A common misconception is that you can add anything to your 4x4 and the ECU Tune will compensate for the weight. Let's break this down father and 8yr old son.  Both able and healthy standing at the...

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Great Wall v200 ECU Tune

Great Wall v200 ECU Tune is it really necessary?  I don't need to modify and tune my engine.  I didn't buy a race car it's my everyday drive vehicle.  Sometimes the Great Wall v200 is a tow 4x4 for a family holiday.  But it's fine how it is I'm no hoon. Great Wall v200 ECU Tune v LAG Have you ever attempted to overtake that annoying 90km highway driver who does 110km in the overtaking lane?  Ever had your Great Wall v200 just not have the torque to pull off the move leaving you doing 90km again on the highway?  That feeling is so frustrating! Sure puts a damper on the vibe with the family.  The kids and wife get restless and...

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79 Series Hill Test

Sunshine Coast, ECU tune, 79 Series Landcruiser, Toyota, Power Curve Performance, Dyno Tune

Facebook and the internet is full of information and dyno sheets on what horsepower and gains are expected from an ECU tune.  When we dyno tune any vehicle that is registered we take it for a before and after test drive.  This includes a rather steep incline in the area.  One of the team other than the tuner will take the vehicle on this drive to give an unbias opinion of the outcome.  If they dont like the outcome the tune will be re looked at.  One of these mechanics proposed taking this 79 Series Hill Test to show why he likes the process. On Road Test The on road test helps give us a better indication on the areas...

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Ford PXII Ranger Coil Conversion

Rear-Coil-Conversion-Flex, Power Curve Performance, Ford Ranger, Power Curve Performance are the Sunshine Coast dealers for Superior Engineering.  The latest suspension package on the market is the Ford PX11 Ranger Coil Conversion.  Have a look below for more info on this great new package. Watch Superior Engineering Ford PXII  Ranger Coil Conversion Release Video Here Are you after the All New Ford Ranger Raptor but can't justify the cost? Are you wanting to maintain your Standard Ranger 3.2L and 3,500kg towing capacity but have all the cool extras of a Ranger Raptor? Superior Engineering has a cost effective solution for you that has it all, introducing the "Ranger Raptor-Style Pack" including the Rear Coil Conversion with Fox Shocks and a Ranger Raptor-Style Grill. This kit has been developed...

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