MECHANICAL SERVICE, Power Curve Performance,
The other day we touched on the difference between a mechanical service and repair. However many don’t book a service based on a service schedule. They book based on an issue or concern that requires repair.
So how do you get the best outcome from your appointment? Don’t be shy speak, show, explain! Tell the mechanic or admin about the concern or fault you have. The more information you give the better we can fix. If your car makes a noise that only occurs on the initial startup on a very cold morning and makes a whirring noise. It’s likely you may experience this again after your appointment. It may be something even the best service advisor cannot locate, without information. Even more, if it is a 10am drop off and you have been driving the car for the last few hours, it will not be cold when the tech starts the car.
While you may feel a little silly trying to replicate or explain a noise or sensation in your vehicle it is a great indicator for a technician to start to locate the issue. Even better if you can replicate it.
Isn’t this the technicians’ job? Why should I do the job for them? Valid point but apart from the issue occurring in a very specific situation whatever information you can supply, makes the job quicker. Resulting in a better diagnosis and less cost to you. Less time, less $$.
Did you know that Power Curve Performance offer 6mths interest free via Skye? If you qualify for the loan you don’t have to put off the repairs while the issue grows in size and cost you can address it now. It is not just for upgrades and fun times it is also for keeping your vehicle reliable.
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Always remember the more information the better the outcome.