Project Fraser Island Beach Chev

This beautiful Chev was imported January 2015 by local owners Hutchinson and Sons painters family. The original purpose for the purchase was the search for the

perfect beach ute, husband and wife wanted something cool and black. The family have a large van they tow to Fraser Island on a regular basis and where looking

at the options of a Silverado among other makes and models. Owner Kev came across the 1941 Chev for sale on ebay in the states and had it modified and build in

the US prior to importing it. Kev has spent a lot of time on the chev making it fit for purpose and due to its American manufacturing and the converters choice to fit

it with jeep running gear and 5.3LS engine Kev has left its maintenance and care to the trust of our team. On his last visit this week he said to Emma, “Every time I

take it any where else they muck it up and I’m not taking it any where else ever again.” Kev definitely gets some raised eyes when he tows the chev up the beach

with jet ski in the tray and van on the back. Its also often seen towing a party pontoon boat here at home on the Sunshine Coast. Its a big ask of this beautiful old

machine but together we are determined to see the dream continue.  

i got bogged at inskip chev fraser island dyno ls1

The list of work our team has done with the Chev is endless.  

Our job list includes but is not limited to:

  • Tune
  • New custom steering assembly
  • Diff replacement
  • Winch mount to assist jet ski to easily be taken on and off the tray
  • Upgrade simple windscreen washer system, horn, lights and dash, handbrake, squeaks and noises, fuel breather, fabrications and alloy points that required              purpose use upgrades.
  • Custom radiator build
  • Oil leaks
  • Shocks
  • Belts continuous wear
  • Gear box 
  • Repair / replace all items that rattle loose with an old vehicle being taken off road and used on the beach
  • Air conditioning
  • Tow bar reinforcement
  • Cold air induction
  • Tie down points
  • Tail gate modification 
  • Headlights continuously flashing ….. 

chev ls1 ute