2001 Toyota Hilux Radiator

An 8hr drive even on an Australian summers night was enough for the 2001 Toyota Hilux Radiator.  The owner was experiencing high volumes of coolant use and thought it best for it to be professionally investigated.  The vehicle is used in a remote area and is owner DIY services his 2001 Toyota Hilux.

2001 Toyota Hilux Radiator

The radiator after being tested had not failed however being in the summer weather and the current condition it is in driving 8 hrs home in the day is not recommended.  On inspection confirmation testing from the team at Nambour Radiator Works both teams and the customer decided on the outcome.  A new radiator, hoses, and thermostat for the 2001 Toyota Hilux.

The fan was also repacked and with the whole system out of the way additional preventative maintenance was requested.

The belts where replaced being cracked and perished at the end of their life time.

2001 Toyota Hilux New Fuel Filter

Self-servicing the 2001 Toyota Hilux the owner correctly read the manual that the fuel filter is a lifetime part.  However from experience and if thought about well a filter will is designed to filter out debris.  This debris in the filter had worked well and its life time.  Being original since 2001 could no longer do its job.

2001 Toyota Hilux Fuel Filter

The price of $30 was less than the cost of not changing the filter. Capturing the content in a container for the customer to witness.  The customer being in such a remote area will now be changing his fuel filter at a more regular interval after seeing the build-up caught inside. After 17 years of build up in this filter, it is hard to imagine that this life time part would still be efficiently working and the same as new flow of fuel being sent through.

2001 Toyota Hilux dirty fuel filter


Air filter

2001 Toyota Hilux Air Filter, Power Curve Performance, ECU Tune, Diesel tune

A new air filter to replace the rusted and dusty filter.  The owner had the best intentions changing his oil and oil filter.  A service with a mechanic should be more than these aspects.  If you chose to change your own parts it is a good idea to have things looked over by a noted professional.  There is limited options for this owner to access mechanical assistance and so on his trips to visit his family our team will be checking the 2001 Toyota Hilux over for him.

More than oil and filter

A professional service is only worth the outcome.  If your service costs you $100 what does it include? Oil and filter change?  As far as our ethics we call this an oil and filter drop, not a service.   Are your transmission, diff, power steering oils checked, topped up and replaced.  Are filers checked for metals, are you bearings, chassis and full underbody checked and noted.  The cost of your service should be cheaper than the price you pay later if you are travelling or on your way to a job interview.  We’ve have spoken to the owner today and he’s noticed a difference in the 2001 Toyota Hilux just on the trip home.

2001 Toyota Hilux Radiator, Power Curve Performance


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