2016 Nissan Patrol ZD30 Common Rail

Sam came to us for a day trip from Toowoomba.  A rain-filled Monday we took him up the street in the V8 Ford Ranger for his first surprise of the day.  Sam said he knew he was in the right place even more after a ride in that ranger.  Mondays tune for Sam is a 2016 Nissan Patrol ZD30 Common Rail.  One of the last prior to Nissan turning petrol.



2016 Nissan Patrol ZD30 Common Rail Power Curve Upgrades List

  •  3″ stainless exhaust
  • Diesel Care secondary fuel filter
  • Tillix kit
  • Power Curve ECU Tune

3″ Stainless exhaust

On a pre dpf vehicle Power Curve recommend a turbo back 3″ exhaust for the nissan patrol.  From our time tuning and modifying vehicles our findings are the 3″ turbo-back is the most efficient for both the standard and a high flow turbo.  If helps the engine run efficiently where larger or smaller exhausts can restrict the turbos efficentcy.  An exhaust expels the hot exhaust gas from the engine as efficiently as desired.  Stainless is just a better long term option given the adverse climate and situations that we ask of our vheicles here in Australia.  Ceramic coating etc is not regularly recommended in a diesel turbo 4wd as with a commodore with headers where you have a lot of exhaust and heat up and around the engine bay.  Important for the commodore a waste of time and client finance for most diesel 4wds.


Diesel Care secondary fuel filter

Modern diesel engines are equipped with advanced high pressure electronically controlled injection systems which can be easily damaged and the biggest enemy of this equipment is poor quality fuel, or more frequently contaminated fuel.

Whether it be water, microbial growth (bugs) or particle matter that gets into jerry cans or service stations in remote places the cost of repairing damage caused by contamination in your fuel can be huge. A Common rail diesel  engine rebuild alone can cost over $15,000. So prevention is better than cure.

One way to provide the best protection to your engine is to install an additional fuel filter and water separator. All common-rail systems only have one factory filter, so installing the additional filter included in a Diesel Care Fuel Filter Bracket Kit™ is an absolute must. The full range of D.I.Y. Kits are available to suit a wide range of diesel vehicles have been designed to give you piece of mind and save your pocket.



2016 Nissan Patrol ZD30 common rail ECU Tune & Tillix Kit

Main purpose of booking with the Power Curve Performance team is the outcome of the ECU tune.  Increasing 1800-2200 RPM is the most popular request for 4×4 owners.

The down low power gained is an added advantage for our customers from the Toowoomba region.  Toowoomba is well known for its large continuous range.  The down low power and less changing of gears will make this long hard pull a smoother run for the ZD30 common rail patrol.

This package came together with an ECU tune running 20psi and factory AFR, with 150nm and 50hp increase will make the drive back to Toowoomba much more pleasant.




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