An oil drop is not a service

Here at Power Curve Performance, we offer a range of service options as there are many different needs.  The term ‘an oil drop and filter change’ is a term we use and can often recommend for high performance vehicles or newly modified engines.  An oil drop and filter change can come in handy if you have concerns with debris in the engine or are wanting to clean out the engine oil.  An oil and filter drop is common with vehicle owners who wish to change the oil and filter every 5000km instead of our recommended 10000 km.  This option is more for the car enthusiast and not something recommended for an everyday drive car.  

If you have been caught up with life and you have missed or forgotten to get your vehicle serviced, then this might be something you need to act on. The oil is a vital component that lubricates the working parts of the engine allowing the metal material within the engine to keep things to temperature and stops parts from rubbing and or seizing. The oil can mix with everyday external factors (debris, water, dust, and dirt) which can result in the thickening and darkening of the oil. If your engine oil is not changed enough, it will over time get darker and black and can turn thick like tar or molasses., if you don’t act this may potentially lead to engine failure.  So, keeping up with your regular service requirements does have its benefits. However, some people who are not in everyday driving conditions or want to be extra cautious will carry out more regular interim oil dops and filter changes to provide the extra level of service to their vehicle.

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More to a service than oil and a filter

Vehicle owners often mistake the process of what a mechanic does in a mechanical service.  The engine oil and filter drop is roughly only 1/8th of what is required for your mechanical service.  There are many other checks, top ups and other requirements that provide your vehicle the TLC it needs regularly to maintain optimum performance and to keep those costly repairs at bay. We have plenty of evidence of many vehicle owners undertaking their own DIY for what they think their car needs resulting in costly diagnostics, maintenance, and repairs that we are required to assist with.

The purpose of a service is preventative maintenance.  The idea is to find out where the vehicle is mechanically.  This prevents break downs and costly unexpected expenses.  Luckily, vehicles come with a crystal ball, unlike most things in life.  The vehicle logbook, when followed is the manufactures care instructions to avoid fault, break down and failure. Although it must be mentioned just following the log book doesn’t mean that this will be the life saver to everything unfortunately there are many other factors that can have an impact on the vehicle and its life span and what it may need, such as how you drive, what conditions are you driving in, how fast you rack up the kms, the weight you carry and any other external factors that I may have missed off the list.

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Most people believe the engine itself seems like the most important component of the vehicle.  However, to keep the vehicle on the road driving items such as tyres, suspension, electrics, brake system, fuel systems, etc are all import and not things that can be ignored.  The aim of a Power Curve Performance service is to keep you and your vehicle safe on the road and aware of the upcoming costs that maybe involved in your preventative maintenance.  Knowing you have an additional $500 expense with your next service not only assists you to budget it also makes you aware of faults that may occur if the issue is not attended to.  Power Curve Performance use a range of diagnostics and customer relationships to assist us to understand these upcoming issues. 

For those who run their vehicle on the oil and filter drop often find the requirement not only tedious and time consuming having to make the time to get the vehicle in every 5000kms. Some also consider it costly having to replace the oil and filter however doing this more often reduces the risk of possible damage to the items the fuel filter is designed to protect such as injector pumps and injectors, of which some of these components can start at $6000 in parts alone. 


If you take into consideration what most people pay in insurance a year for a crash or a theft that may never happen then mechanical servicing should be considered the insurance policy for things you can be sure are going to happen.  To not change any of these items or maintain them would be ok if you wanted to change your car over every year or so, but financially not safe for you or your family or others on our roads or the resale.

It is important to know the components of your vehicle.  We now service retired mechanics new vehicles, this comes from new technology with electronic systems, hybrids and soon the industry will change with electric vehicles.  An oil and filter drop is just like the entrée to the main meal and desert, one spring roll is just not going to do the job when you haven’t eaten for the last two days.