Are you ready for GCM upgrade install day?

Congratulations you have booked in for your GCM and GVM upgrade.  Are you ready for your GCM upgrade install day? To make sure your Queensland state-registered 4wd is ready for its GCM and GVM state approval there are a few items you need to check off prior to arrival.


Items that need to be addressed prior to any GCM increase being considered.

Has a Lovells GVM Upgrade been fitted or is being fitted.

Body & Chassis is free from signs of structural damage.

Body, Chassis and Underside is free from rust.

 Suspension mounting points are free from damage & cracks.

 Steering is damage free & fully operational.

 Radiator & Cooling system is in good condition.

All brake components are in good condition.

 If ESC fitted to vehicle, the system must be enabled.

Front & Rear axle assemblies are in good condition.

 Vehicle is free from Oil Leaks.

Tyres are to factory specifications, roadworthy and less than 5

years of age.

Rims must be aftermarket to OE sizes & are stamped with a load

rating to cover axle capacities. (+25mm wider Rims are acceptable)

Rims are in good condition with no sign of damage.

 If BTC is, or being fitted, towbar & chains need to be suitably rated and in good condition.