DI Zd30 30+ injectors

2004 ZD30Di in for some 30+ injectors, already fitted with a upgraded turbo but was still limiting the full potential of the injectors, awesome improvement from just a tune, with a lot of potential for improvement!!

Customer Concern:

2004 ZD30D having 30+ injectors, turbo upgrade and chip the goal was to remove limp mode and improve power.

Power Curve Performance Resolution

DI Zd30 30+ injectors

With the DI Zd30 30+ injectors already in the vehicle it was established that the injectors that had been made for the vehicle did not give the desired result of power the client was looking for.

Unfortunately the customer had to return North for work.  Taking our time to track down the orientation or the original DI Zd30 30+ injectors we spent hours with our personal injector modification team and East Coast Performance tuning.  After weeks of R&D and testing we were able to confirm the winning combination.  East Coast Performance Tuning (now under new managment 2021) have also trialed and seen great improvements with the new DI Zd30 30+ injectors.

Customer returned after his next round of work excited for the switch.  The out come has improved the drivability for the customer with the right mix between DI Zd30 30+ injectors, turbo and ecu tune.

More to be had

The choice in turbo has resulted in boost limiting to 20psi.  Power Curve Performance can offer DI Zd30 30+ injectors, turbo upgrade, and ECU tune to DI Zd30 owners for a great outcome and power gain in your 3ltr.


Before upgrading your turbo and injectors consider

Bigger turbo and injectors are not our first recommended port of upgrade.  If your Nissan patrol zd30 Di is your everyday drive car and engine-wise standard.  The best upgrade outcome is to do an ECU tune.  If you are unable to do this the house we do offer a mail order ECU tune. 

Mail ECU

With all performance upgrades on anything in life, there is a level of risk.  Our team tune these engines with respect and care.  If you wish to move to a turbo and injector upgrade this is offered inhouse.  All performance upgrade figures depend on the vehicle and how well it is maintained.  We see a minimum of around 5 zd30 di tunes a week on our dyno.  Mostly every one rolls out a different number and it comes down to the history and care of the vehicle over its life.  Even down to how you drive your car on the road.  


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