64.8 HP 79 Series Landcruiser

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Gerard was referred to Power Curve Performance from a valued friend and mechanical professional in Hervey Bay.  Gerards 79 series Landcruiser concerns are low power and a high whistle.  Knowing that Gerard was coming from Hervey Bay we had some concerns in regards to him returning home the same day.  Based on 79 series landcruisers we see every day the diagnosis over the phone would be to jump to a failed or chipped turbocharger. Why we don't diagnose over the phone Our concern based on 79 series landcruisers we see every day we can diagnose by ear, feel and then sight a failed turbo in minutes.   So we had a feeling this could be the unfortunate case based on what...

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Update PCP Suspension

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There is so much happening here at Power Curve Performance.  We are constantly looking for new products and services that we can bring to our clients to assist in meeting your vehicle needs.  You may of noticed a new payer to the team of suspension in the PCP suspension news feeds, Lovells. Update PCP Suspension Whats going on?  Are you ditching Superior Engineering?  We have been asked what this means for the reputation and our relationship with the team at Superior Engineering.  Well to put your mind at ease it means absolutely nothing.  What both Superior Engineering and Power Curve Performance can offer with some superior and lovells suspension is pre purchase upgrades.  Due to the amazing range of 4wd...

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LED headlight conversion

Stedi, copper head guide, power curve performance,

Sometimes the best information out there is by the team that actually provide the product.  So we have just copied and pasted this great article by STEDI with a few of their other LED headlight conversion Blogs for your information.  If you would like any assistance installing these to your vehicle we can assist you inhouse at Power Curve Performance. Upgrading your headlights on your vehicle can sometimes be more work than initially thought if you don't have all the information ready which is why we have set up this guide to help select the right LED Conversion for your cars headlights as well as follow up posts that will give you more in-depth instructions relating to CANBUS, installation, special...

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Our Stedi Type X Over the years we have seen many spot lights on 4x4 and trucks.  To date the Stedi Type X have been our favorite.  Every year we work with the pre and post services for the tourers heading to cape york.  This year our customer Troy with his 200 series has headed to the cape twice with his Stedi Type X.  On both trips the Stedi have been the only lights to leave in the same conditions apart from losing a cover.  While the other vehicles came back with broken mounts and lights missing the Stedi Type X have stood the test of the trips and all of the inbetween trips.  So much so that we have...

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Direction-Plus PreLine – how it works

Jump on any facebook group or forum and at some point, you will hear someone ask about an additional fuel filter.  Power Curve Performance requires a system that is also able to work alongside our engine performance upgrades.  Setting a standard of performance is not just a fast car it is a vehicle that consistently performs. For this reason, we use Direction-Plus PreLine - how it works and an explanation of the dual layer media that is at the heart of why it is so effective separating water.   In the early years of mechanics, a technician is educated about the components of diesel and its tendency to attract water.  Additionally, many Power Curve Performance clients are looking to upgrade or create reliability...

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Rivershore Resort

Rivershore Resort Sunshine Coast Power Curve Performance, 4x4, camping, mechanic, 4x4 upgrades

For AGES we have been looking for the perfect location for our clients to relax and stay while we work on upgrading their touring 4x4.  Looking for a location where retirees, families and individuals could rest, relax and enjoy a fuss-free vacation.  We have found it and its just down the road a mere 11km.  Rivershore Resort has everything you could want when you a wheeless and we stopped by for a family weekend with the kids to find out just what Rivershore Resort has to offer. Fun for families We will do our best to list all of the features however I don't think we got to do everything on our long weekend stay.  Rivershore Resort has massive sites that you...

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200 Series loses power on the beach

200 series loses power on the beach, Double island, sunshine coast, dyno tune, 200 series land cruiser, Power Curve Performance

Sunday afternoon at the shop doing a bit of painting and expansion when we noticed a facebook message from our customer Troy. Having spent the day at double island on his way back his 200 Series loses power on the beach.  A sure way to wreck a great day of sand and sun on what had been a summery spring day on the Sunshine Coast.  As we were at the shop anyway we invited Troy to drop his 200 series off a little earlier than his Thursday booking.  Thursday Troys 200 series Land Cruiser was booked in for rear Superior control arms. Cause of 200 Series loses power on the beach Initially, it felt like the drivers' side turbo was the cause...

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2017 Ford Ranger ECU Tune

2017 Ford Range ECU Tune, Provent direction plus catch can, Power Curve Performance

Young couple travelled from Morayfield for their 2017 Ford Ranger ECU Tune and direction plus catch can installation.  Soon to travel north to 4 Rocks Yeppoon a location Patrick knows well having had gone to school locally.  5 Rocks is a beach known for its amazing views and lush beaches.  Just as much known for finding the unsuspecting 4x4 owner in a sticky situation in the soft beach sand.   Mikael has a lot more trips planned for the 2017 Ford Ranger living in such a great area with close location to Fraiser Island, Double Island and amazing forest national parks.  2017 Ford Ranger ECU Tune is designed for down low torque and reduction of turbo lag.  This has been achieved...

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79 Series Coil Conversion

79 series coil conversion power curve performance

Brand new off the show room floor. 79 Series Land cruiser into the Power Curve Performance work shop for a Superior Engineering Coil Conversion and 2" Suspension kit. Convert your leaf sprung Landcruiser 79 Series Dual Cab to a more compliant ride and better handling both on and offroad with one of our Superior Engineering Coil Conversion Kits, designed, tested and manufactured in Brisbane to suit all Australian conditions. The kit is supplied with everything you need to convert your vehicle from leaves to coils, all brackets , mounts ,coils, shocks, control arms, brake lines as well. The NCOP VSB pre-approval paperwork is also supplied, so you can legally have the Coil suspension fitted and approved on your vehicle. The...

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2006 ZD30 ECU Tune

2006 Nissan Patrol ECU Tune, Power Curve Performance, Sunshine Coast

Todays 2006 ZD30 ECU Tune comes to Power Curve Performance from Brisbane.  Making the journey to our Nambour Sunshine Coast location for the power upgrade. The vehicle has been upgraded substantially with an exhaust, upgraded intercooler, catch can and more.  The vehicle not only underpowered and experiencing limp mode.  Limp mode is best described as a state a vehicle turns to so you can safely get home if the ECU believes there is an issue with the way it runs.   Limp mode or get home mode is common in un ECU Tuned Nissan Patrol zd30 4x4s.  Limp mode fault creates an unreliable outcome for the owner. 2006 ZD30 ECU Tune Power Curve Performance resolves the power frustration of the 2006 ZD30 with...

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