Excel Track Car

Hyundai Excels are making a come back and are hard to get your hands on.  The excel track car is a very popular race track choice.  Hyundai Excel was Emma’s first car and was a perfect little get around car.  Can definitely see why they would make a great track option.

This Excel has been to us prior for cam adjustment/ tune-up.  A race or track car can require the slightest minor adjustments for a specific race or track.  The way the engine starts and runs often does not matter as much as the way it performs on that track.  It is ok to sacrifice a clean smooth start-up and idle if this interferes with the response out of tight corners or that little extra on the straight when it comes to taking the win.

Tuning at Power Curve Performance is customer to purpose, customer, engine and environment.  A Diesel ECU Tune that will not start and idle but flys up the road billowing black soot and spending half of your trip at the fuel bowser is not fit for purpose for most.

track car

Excel Track Car on the Dyno

As you can see here the slight adjustment Patrick has made to the Excel cam gear within the guidelines is 3.3HP.  On the track this could make all of the difference.  Race car drivers do not have the luxury of adjusting anything they wish.  The car will be scrutineered and checked that it meets the racing guidelines.  Yes even the once first car Hyundai Excel is no small factor in the racing world.  The dyno is not always used to tune. It is an amazing diagnostic tool and gives us the ability to read the outcomes adjustments.

Power Curve Performance tune just about anything.  If you need to improve your vehicle’s performance, give us a call.

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