Fiat Ducato ECU Remap

Bundaberg based couple contacted us after extensive investigation to resolve an engine management light.  Fiats mechanic had investigated, cleaned and replaced every part in their power to eliminate the engine management light issue.  Once this path had been taken to only conceivable option was Fiat Ducato ECU Remap.  A referral was placed by the mechanic himself to contact our team.

Fiat Ducato ECU Remap

There is no guarantee or recommendation that an ECU Remap will resolve a previous issue outside of power, lag etc.  For this customer, this was the option left on the table.  A side bonus the customer had also heard the benefits a Fiat Ducato ECU Remap could have.  A few day after the completion of the Fiat Ducato ECU Remap we received the following email.

Fiat Ducato ECU Remap

Fiat Ducato ECU Remap Feedback

Patrick & Emma

Reporting on the behaviour of the Fiat for your info.

After a sojurn around the Sunshine Coast and then on the way back to Bundaberg yesterday, results were:-

Engine Management Light did not come on

Noticed improvement in engine performance probably around +10 to 15 per cent more responsive.

Transmission moved smoothly through gears up hill and in normal running. (This is a big improvement)

Fuel Economy was previously 12.3 L/100klm and now back to 10.7 L /100klm

So for now looks all good. (Touch wood!!!!!!!)



Fiat Ducato ECU Remap Long Distance

Our mail order option can allow you to also have your Fiat Ducato ECU Remapped.  The size and weight of the Fiat Ducato is too much for our dyno ramps to hold.

Simply contact our sales team and complete the following form. Remove and mail your ECU to us and receive the same outcome that this Bundaberg couple did without the drive.

Fiat Ducato ECU Remap


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