TD42 check over

Wayne with the Commodore we have spoken about in the “over 12 months later” blog was here with his new vehicle for some maintenance.  The TD42 check over included a full service, upgraded diff and trans oils, Power Curve TD42 fan upgrade, and dyno tune.  Living north the TD42 was purchased here on the coast.  Having had experience with the Power Curve Performance team prior the TD42 check over was carried out with us.


Wayne will be using the TD as a travel car and has a few trips. The TD42 check over and service.  All air, oil, fuel filters were replaced.  It is very important to change your filters, the change in power, engine temperature and reliability can be assisted with this simple investment.  A TD42 is known for overheating and our fan upgrade is a great preventative measure.  Wayne wanted to upgrade his diff and transfer case oil to a full synthetic.  To assist with the care of these units he also had the Superior Engineering 4 port diff breathers installed.

superiour engineering stockist

Power Curve Performance keeps a steady stream of breathers in stock.  If you would like them installed or DIY you are welcome to pop in and buy in the store.  These retail for $140 and are a great universal fit for your vehicle.


Superior Coil Tower Brace Kit Nissan Patrol Ute

This is a Superior Engineering Bolt-On Coil Tower Brace Kit for the Nissan Patrol Ute and Body Lifted Wagon.  The Superior Engineering Chassis Tower Brace stops the rear coil tower from bending and tearing from the chassis, correcting a weak point in GU and GQ Nissan Patrol suspension design.  The kit was installed while an easy install on the hoist for Wayne.

The coil tower brace is pressed up with 6mm steel and comes with all the necessary bolts.  Also comes with a Polyurethane anti-shaffing brake line plate to protect the brake lines and fittings.  This is a brace kit to suit Nissan patrols. Designed to be 100% bolt on with all bolts included. Simply bolts on top of the towers.

Superior Coil Tower Brace Kit Nissan Patrol Ute, TD42 check over, power curve performance

TD42 Tune

TD42 check over complete Wayne had opted for a Power Curve Performance dyno tune.  The vehicle has an upgraded pump, turbo and cross country intercooler so we are expecting additional power.  The tune was not done her nore the upgrades.  From the tuning, we have gained more power however the turbo we feel may not be the right application for the job and this maybe altered at a later date.

TD42 dyno tune, TD42 check over, Power Curve Performance, Sunshine Coast

TD42 dyno tune, TD42 check over, Power Curve Performance, Sunshine Coast



call to book dyno tune sunshine coast diesel tune sunshine coast dyno tuning power curve performance Nambour mechanical 4wd upgrades modification turbo upgrades injector upgrades duramax conversions nissan tune ECU Tune Diesel TunePlease note this article discusses the Power Curve TD42 fan upgrade.  This product has been discontinued due to the age of the patrol and we can no longer guarantee these will suit all vehicles.