2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger

2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger, even with the installation of the rail chip lacked the torque and power the owner desired.  While the rail chip did give the 2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger a slight increase in in power and torque.  Top end there is an increase of 12.6HP enough to notice a difference.  The owner was not experiencing enough down low torque for the 2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger to tow and drive at an excitable level for the financial investment in the product.

2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger

2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger ECU Tune Results

The Custom Diesel ECU tune for the 2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger has provided the outcome desired.  The below dyno sheet shows an increase in torque from standard.  At 1600RPM the increase you can see is 320NM to 449NM a difference of 129NM gauged at the rear wheels.  On the road as the 2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger is overtaking, merging or has a larger load in the tray they will notice the difference in drivable power.  The tourqe does rise further from this point and the chip shows a dip in tourqe where required.  The 1600 RPM is an easly level to read on the sheet below on your screen.   The 2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger will now perform as the customer would of expected at purchase.

2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger

Chip v ECU Tune 2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger

What is the difference between the chip outcome and the ECU tune.  When you purchase a chip there are many on the market.  This specific chip is a Rail Chip the rail chip comes with different models for different vehicles.   So they are made and model specific.  This particular system does not interfere with the ecu and as a result, with some vehicles, the confusion caused to the ECU can cause the vehicle to enter limp mode.

Limp Mode

Commonly limp mode causes a light and the vehicle will slow to a pace that can hopefully get the 4×4 home in a safe state.  To rectify some owners have their own scan tool to clear the code.  Alternatively, the will need to stop the car turn it off and restart one or more times to clear the issue.  We have had one customer doing this 7 times from Gladstone to the Sunshine Coast, on a route to their ECU Tune.

Rail chip

The rail chip able to be removed and is made for the make and model of car.  Just like an online doctors advice the one size fits all approach is not always providing the best results for the engine and vehicle.   An ECU tune is a direct custom upgrade to your ECU.  The inhouse tuner custom designs and creates a tune based on what you, your engine, hobbies, lifestyle, 4×4 accessories and the dyno tells them.  An ECU tune is like getting every chip on the market getting the best technology and adjustments from that unit and putting it all into the ECU tune file.  This technology is then perfected and customised further so the 2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger now has the safest and most effective outcome for the owner and vehicle.

ECU Tune Reliability

2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger at 171HP is not going to win any racers.  Lets face it with a lot of time and money you can have the 2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger pushing 500HP.  It will not be reliable and you will not own it in this state for the next 5- 10 years.  The custom ECU tune is an affordable reliable upgrade for the local weekend up the beach, Glasshouse Mountains, the family vacation away and commute to the money earner and home.

Ready to ECU Tune for your 2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger

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