Enhancing Performance and Safety: A Comprehensive Service for Your Land Cruiser and Austrack Caravan

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Today, we're excited to dive into our recent service on a 79 Series Land Cruiser and Austrack Caravan!

At Power Curve Automotive Mechanics, our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere maintenance – it’s about ensuring your vehicles are primed for every adventure, delivering optimal performance and safety mile after mile. Recently, we had the privilege of servicing a 79 Series Land Cruiser and the accompanying Austrack Caravan. Through our rigorous inspection process, we’ve unearthed crucial findings, paving the way for enhanced reliability and peace of mind on the road.

Austrack Caravan

The first step?

Austrack Caravan

A meticulous engine oil and filter change, setting the stage for a thorough inspection encompassing every nook and cranny of both the Land Cruiser and the Austrack Caravan. From the chassis to the trailer hitch, no detail was too small to escape our scrutiny.

As our seasoned technicians delved into the inner workings of these rugged machines, a tapestry of maintenance needs and areas for improvement began to unfold. Today, we address those pressing concerns with precision and care, ensuring your vehicles are not just roadworthy, but primed for peak performance.

3 bond upper cylinder clean

First and foremost, we advocate for a 3 bond upper cylinder clean, a vital procedure recommended with every service. By purging the intake and upper engine of impurities, this process rejuvenates your engine, enhancing efficiency and longevity. Additionally, we’ve identified the air filter as in dire need of cleaning, ensuring optimal airflow and engine health.

Logbook items

Turning our attention to the heart of your Land Cruiser, we note the fuel filter’s impending replacement, a critical step in maintaining fuel system integrity as per the logbook schedule. Similarly, the brake fluid flush, along with the replacement of front and rear diff oils, is paramount to preserving drivetrain performance and safety.


But our dedication doesn’t end with the tasks at hand. We’re committed to transparency and foresight, which is why we’ve flagged certain items for future attention.

Austrack Caravan

Monitor Items

The sway bar mount bushes, though not in immediate need of replacement, show signs of wear – a reminder to stay vigilant and address potential issues before they escalate. Likewise, a power steering flush is earmarked for the next service, ensuring responsive handling and longevity for your Land Cruiser and Caravan alike.


For those items requiring more extensive care, we’ve set aside time for future attention. The swivel hubs, identified as leaking due to compromised axle seals, warrant a comprehensive rebuild and wheel bearing repack – essential steps in maintaining off-road prowess and drivetrain integrity.


Our service extends beyond the realm of mere maintenance – it's a commitment to your safety, performance, and peace of mind on every journey. Whether traversing the urban jungle or venturing into the great unknown, Power Curve Automotive Mechanics stands ready to ensure your Land Cruiser and Austrack Caravan are equipped for whatever lies ahead.