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When your car is developed, the manufacturers have to set their tune to perform across a range of markets, regions and climates. To achieve this, compromises can be made to the engine efficiency, driveability and horsepower. An ECU (Engine Control Unit) remap can adjust your car to your desired results. This can result in more power, more confidence, better efficiency and a smile you can’t hide. The team at Power Curve can provide a safe, drivable ECU software upgrade for your vehicle for just $880. This is an Australia only service. 

To request a mail order tune, please complete the below steps:

  1. Fill out the Customer Order form below.
  2. Receive and pay your invoice.
  3. Post your ECU to Power Curve at 3/1 Windsor Road, Burnside 4560. We recommend wrapping it in bubble wrap and sending it in a 1kg express post bag with tracking. Please include a separate express post bag in the package for us to use to return your ECU.
  4. We will make the requested updates and return your ECU by post.

Mail ECU

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