Borumba Dam Family Camping

Borumba Dam is the perfect location for a family camping trip.

We are back at work feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after our weekend away.

Located just a short drive from Imbil and just over an hours drive from Power Curve Performance, it is a perfect destination for the family campers.

Lake Borumba or Borumba dam is a part of Yabba Creek and at full capacity holds 46000ML.  Borumba is currently at 80% capacity.

For the followers of Power Curve, our camping trips entail some performance adventure with this location is a homing beacon for outdoor adventure.

Borumba is fanatic for:

  • 4wd when off the track and exploring
  • Dirt bikes
  • Great fishing spot
  • Kayaking
  • Skiing
  • Hiking and walking

borumba dam camping

Borumba Dam Camp Grounds

Power Curve and our camping group spent the weekend at the Borumba Dam Camp Grounds.

With four families of four with children ranging from 4mths to 14 years, the location was perfect.

  •  Large swimming clean and flowing swimming hole- rope swings supplies
  • Flushing toilets and hot shower with well-maintained facilities.
  • Well supplied and reasonable priced store with everything from ice cream to mozzie replant
  • Fires allowed, well maintained and lots of fire pits
  • Fire wood available to purchase by the wheelbarrow load
  • Children’s playground
  • Powered and unpowered sites
  • No domestic animals
  • Limited phone service


(as of may 2017)

  • Adults- $10
  • children- $5
  • Students- $8
  • Powered sites- $6 additional per site


Power curve nissan patrol borumba dam

Borumba the all year destination

The Power Curve camping group all collectively agree this location is an all season destination.

The lookout over the dam, walking adventures, fires and local atmosphere of the local country town of Imbil itself makes Borumba a great winter camp trip.

Summer adventures there is nothing more to want than clean swimming spots with enough room to share.  Perfect locations around the dam for skiing groups and quiet getaways for the more serious fisherman.

The scenic drive to Borumba takes you across causeways and past farmlands and nature at its best lots for children and adults of all ages to enjoy.

“The whole world wants to visit the Sunshine Coast, how lucky are we to live here and drive an hour from home to stay here!” – one of our campers


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