4WD Modifications

twin tube shock absorber dobinsons 4x4


Designed, developed and tested in Australia by Dobinsons Spring & Suspension, in house suspension design engineers, Dobinsons 4×4 shock absorbers …

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4200kg gvm


Lovells Automotive Systems are pleased to announce that we have been granted Federal Compliance Approval as a Second Stage Manufacturer …

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Offroad Animal Bullbar & Runva Winch

Offroad Animal Bullbar & Runva Winch

In the year it is 2021 part availability is providing a few challenges.  When Adam contacted me in regards to …

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QLD GVM 4WD Upgrades

QLD GVM and GCM 4WD upgrades are gracing the feeds of our socials and magazines currently.  After the come down …

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HyperFlex Radius Arms - Available Now, Power Curve Performance, Superior Engineering

How to Measure a Shock Absorber

Why? The correct measurement of your shock absorbers is important to allow full flex of your vehicle and to reduce …

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DI Zd30 30+ injectors

DI Zd30 30+ injectors

2004 ZD30Di in for some 30+ injectors, already fitted with a upgraded turbo but was still limiting the full potential …

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2017 200 series landcruiser

2017 200 Series V8 LandCruiser

2017 200 Series V8 LandCruiser, in for an ECU Tune.  Not only do we tune for the public we also …

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legendex and fuel filter 2016 Nissan Patrol ZD30 Common Rail

2016 Nissan Patrol ZD30 Common Rail

Sam came to us for a day trip from Toowoomba.  A rain-filled Monday we took him up the street in …

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TD42 Nissan Patrol Turbo failed

TD42 Turbo Diognostic

Power Curve has a strong background with an assortment of petrol and diesel vehicles.  Power Curves performance sector allows us …

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Colorado Big Boy Intercooler, ECU Tune, Legendex, Diesel, Diesel Service, sunshine coast, Nambour, diesel exhausts

Colorado Intercooler Upgrade

Colorado Intercooler upgrade has been on the cards for some time for this Colorado.  Last in the Power Curve Performance …

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Air Bag, 4x4, Accessories, suspension, upgrade, Power Curve Performance

4WD Airbags

4WD Air Bags are commonplace in most Australian 4WDs.  A must-have accessory with suspension upgrades airbags allow you to fit …

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Legendex Toyota Prado exhaust, Power Curve Performance

Toyota Prado Exhaust

Toyota Parado is one of the most popular family wagons on the market.  With their large space and design, they …

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TD42 check over, service, dyno tune, upgrades Power Curve Performance

TD42 check over

Wayne with the Commodore we have spoken about in the “over 12 months later” blog was here with his new …

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2009 Toyota Landcruiser ECU Tune

2009 Toyota Landcruiser ECU Tune shows just why it is an unquestionable must to install a performance clutch.  A rise …

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Holden Colorado ECU Tune

Justins’ Holden Colorado ECU Tune took place November 2016.  Justin lives in the Brisbane area and had been recommended to Power …

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Kristy from Burson Hilux

Kristy from Burson Hilux did the rounds of the local mechanic shops for the right gear pre her move to …

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Izusu, MUX, ECU tune, Towing, reliability, Power


Its been a while since the MUX ECU Tune for Steve.  We have a whole new location, dyno bay and …

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Landcruiser GLX Service, superiour engineering stockist

Landcruiser GLX Service

Davids first Landcruiser GLX Service with Power Curve Performance was February 2017.  Last week the Landcruiser GLX Service number 5 …

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2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger, chip removal, Diesel ECU Tune, Sunshine Coast, Power Curve Performance

2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger

2015 3.2 Manual Ford Ranger, even with the installation of the rail chip lacked the torque and power the owner …

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Nissan NP300 TLC, Power Curve Performance, HPD. Diesel Care filter, Catch Can, Throttle response unit, oil change, Mechanical service

Nissan NP300 TLC

David bought his son in laws new Nissan NP300 for some TLC.  The new vehicle is a trade ute and …

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Diesel, 250HP TD42, 4x4 accessories, Nissan, Patrol, Superior Engineering,

250HP TD42

Today Imran discovered his 180HP TD42 purchase was a lie, Imran actually bought a 250HP TD42!  250HP TD42 patrol needed …

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ECU Tune, Toyota, Hilux, family, Trip Hilux, Power Curve Performance, suspension, cape trip

Trip Hilux

This is Emmas Mum and Dad. (that little lady is our youngest, Bella)  You would think naturally they would be …

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ZD30, dirrect injection, common rail, boost fluctuation, lack of power, towing, caravan, nissan, patrol, sunshine coast, ecu tuning, Diesel, Tuning Engines, calibration, Power Curve Performance.

ZD30 Boost Fluctuation

ZD30 Boost Fluctuation and lack of power is the two reasons you may be contemplating contacting Power Curve Performance.  Power …

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The Red Dragon, superior engineering supsension, power curve performance, sunshine coast, 4wd performance, diesel ecu tuning, towing performance, nissan patrol

The Red Dragon

When Jesse started with Power Curve Performance he and The Red Dragon knew in the back of their mind she …

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Direct injection diesel ECU Tune, Sunshine Coast, Boost Cut, limp mode, Nissan, Diesel, Diesel Performance, school holidays, things to do with the family, outdoors, overlanding, 4x4, off road

ZD30 DI Manual ECU Tune

Resolve your boost cut or limp mode issues with a ZD30 DI Manual ECU Tune. Owning a ZD30 DI does …

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ZD30 Common Rail Nissan Patrol, 140k service, Intake pipe mod, HPD boost control, and ECU tune with 20psi

ZD30 Common Rail Nissan Patrol

ZD30 Common Rail Nissan Patrol Services Provided ECU Tune New vehicle service and check Install HPD Boost Controller Install intake …

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superiour engineering stockist

2010 Toyota Auto Hilux

2010 Toyota Auto Hilux Products used Power Curve Performance Custom ECU Tune Legendex 409 stainless exhaust system Legendex Throttle Controller …

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2015 79 Series ECU Tune

2015 79 Series, awesome vehicles and completely transformed driveability with some quality components, throttle controller and 3″ stainless exhaust system, …

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ZD30 DI ECU Tune Power Curve Performance, dyno tuning, diesel performance, tuning engines not dynos, Direct injection, Superior Engineering.

ZD30 Direct Injection ECU Tune

ZD30 Direct Injection ECU Tune ZD30 Di in for Ecu tune, had a DP chip fitted, made an improvement with …

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Brunswick Diesel 6.5, turbo upgrade, Power Curve Performance, diesel tuning, sunshine coast, nambour, bli bli, noosa, buderim, maroochydore, exhaust, superior engineering, legendex, hpd, suspension

Brunswick Diesel 6.5 Turbo Upgrade

Brunswick Diesel 6.5 Turbo Upgrade Customers are travelling far and wide for the “untunable” Brunswick Diesel 6.5 tune.  The latest …

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