Colorado Intercooler Upgrade

Colorado Intercooler upgrade has been on the cards for some time for this Colorado.  Last in the Power Curve Performance work shop November 2016 from Ipswich.  November booking saw Colorado in for a diesel performance ECU Tune.  The next upgrade on the dream list was the Lexendex Colorado Intercooler Upgrade.  Just prior to Christmas the standard factory Colorado Intercooler split and failed, something not uncommon in Holden Colorados and other factory intercoolers in makes and models.

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Waiting to upgrade is an easy financial decision in the middle of summer with a damaged intercooler like this.  Although all legendex systems are self install compliant some variables occur.  The vehicle had the bull bar repaired and previously modified with a winch and some specific differences.   Installing new upgrades into a brand new vehicle is relatively easy however a well used 4×4 throws some curveballs that can never be quoted.  At some time the Colorado has had a run-in with a bird or two and this may of contributed to the damaged intercooler.  Sand, mud, general wear and tear made the job much more time and cost-effective to take the drive to the coast for the instal to a team who do this every day.

Colorado Intercooler Upgrade

Colorado Intercooler Upgrade , compared to standard, Power Curve Performance, diesel intercooler

The size difference between the two is visually noticeable. In the customers’ own description between the two.  The fins hugely differ in the feel and durability of them, it is easy to see why the standard needed to be replaced.  All over there really are big differences between the two.  This customer had asked if an upgraded intercooler is worth the claims and figures the manufacture state.  Seeing the two side by side there was no doubt as to the difference.

Colorado Intercooler Upgrade Kit

This particular colorado intercooler upgrade kit is made by the team at legendex.  There are a lot of different intercooler upgrade kits on the market and the PWR, PDI and also HPD have been used in the past as a great option depending on the set up of the vehicle.  Each vehicle is a little different for what you require and it is best to have the Power Curve team assist you with these upgrades on your vheicle.

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Holden Colorado service and issues

Prior to business hours, we received a concerned Facebook message stating Colorado would not start even with a jump.  Pre warning they would be a little late for the booking.  Regular servicing given the distance is not carried out with our team.  Issues starting was noted and once the Colorado Intercooler upgrade had been installed the service commenced.  Through the service, our power curve tech discovered the alternator had caused the starting failure.  Given the condition of the alternator and distance, the customer had to travel home and a new one was quickly sourced and installed.  Wheel alignment as per customers requests and a good test drive to ensure that everything was interlined.  When booking from some time away to travel to our location time is important and some things can not be accounted for.  If more time is required for the right outcome it must be taken.  Best for a vehicle to be in our position a little longer than this client stuck on the side of the range on the way back to Toowoomba than us taking our time to make sure everything is right for the clientt.

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