DPF Failure

DPF Failure

DPF Failure now the DPF have been in many types of diesel for some time is a new problem for the owner.

Unaware of what a DPF or Diesel particulate filter is?

DPF is a filter located in your exhaust system.  Most countries worldwide have placed these in place as a legal solution to control emissions.

The job of the DPF is to catch the regular soot that was expelled from your exhaust into a honeycomb type filtration system.  The design of the filtration system is that once the filter gets to a point the system will heat to a very high temperature. The dense soot that we visibly see is broken down to a very small form and the emissions concerns are minimised and burnt into the atmosphere.

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Why DPF Failure Occurs

As with any filter, they become blocked and malfunction.  This is the concern of the DPF owner as the repair price is costly.

Firstly it is recommended you take care of your filter and prevent failure with regular cleans.  Ask your mechanic about these in addition to your next regular log book service.

Common Causes of DPF Failure

  • Continuous urban drive cycles
  • Incorrect engine operating temperature- too cold.
  • Incorrect or contaminated lubricating oil- must be the correct “low solids” DPF oil
  • Incorrect or contaminated fuel- fuel additives, biodiesel.
  • Induction and intercooler- system air leaks- check for split hoses and loose clamps.
  • Blocked or split pressure- sensor pipes and hoses
  • Faulty DPF temperature pressure sensors or pressure. Differential switch sernsors.
  • Incorrect deletion of DPF
  • Faulty glow plugs or air-mass sensor
  • Corrosion
  • Internal DPF filter cracks
  • Faulty, damaged or poor quality high- flow catalytic converter.
  • Failed or stuck exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve.
  • Leaking, stuck open or non-calibrated injectors.
  • Failed turbo or leaking turbo oil seals.

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DPF Failure replacement

If you find youself in need of a DPF replacement there are 4 options.

  1. Many opt to remove or delete their DPF.  The only way to successfully do this is through the ECU and core out the dpf or remove it completely.  Be aware if you are having an ECU tune you intentions of you DPF.  A close friend of ours had a slave tuner instal a tune file into their brand new Landcruiser as compensation for an inconsistent job.  Unbeknown to the owner the DPF had been turned off without the correct procedure being taken and the DPF caught on fire.  The second issue is the legalities.  In states such as NSW emission testing is in place and if not meant the fines are substantial.  Many are still opting to delete or remove due to the below reasons.
  2. Genuine replacement DPF are currently unaffordable and unrealistic for most, with the cost ranging from $2500 to $20000.
  3. Second hand DPFs are available and can cost as little as $1000. As with all second hand items, there is no guarantee of their condition and your $1000 may be money in the wind.
  4. Quality aftermarket DPF seem to still be in the works and their legality is yet to be confirmed.
  5. Removing a DPF system is illegal and one thing to think about apart from the price of a new one is.  Your vehicle is no longer road worthy.  If you ever want to sell or are found to of removing it, you must replace it.  Insurance is not daft and most inspectors are mechanics who are moving trade.  You will most probably not be covered by insurance if you remove your dpf.


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