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At Power Curve Automotive, we understand the critical role that a well-maintained fleet plays in keeping your business running smoothly. With our expertise in fleet servicing and repairs, we’re here to ensure that your vehicles are always in top condition, minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

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Expert Technicians: Our team of experienced technicians specialises in servicing all types of fleet vehicles, from vans to commercial vehicles and more. With years of industry experience and a commitment to excellence, you can trust us to keep your fleet operating at peak performance.

Comprehensive Service: From routine maintenance like oil changes and tyre rotations to complex engine diagnostics and repairs, we offer a full range of services to meet your fleet’s needs. Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions that address any maintenance issues your vehicles may encounter, ensuring they remain reliable and efficient.

Personalised Experience: We understand that every business is unique, which is why each experience and service is customised tailored to your specific needs and budget. Whether you have a small fleet or a large fleet of vehicles, we’ll work with you to develop a maintenance plan that meets your requirements and keeps your vehicles on the road.


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  • *Please note due to the popularity of our engine conversion service, we are not taking on any new conversions at this time.


Fast Turnaround: We know that downtime can be costly for your business, which is why we strive to provide quick turnaround times without compromising on quality. Our efficient service ensures that your vehicles spend less time in the shop and more time on the road.

Personalised Attention: At Power Curve Automotive, we value our clients and take the time to understand their unique needs. We’ll work closely with you to develop a maintenance schedule that fits your business operations and keeps your fleet running smoothly.

Quality Assurance: When you choose Power Curve Automotive for your fleet servicing needs, you can rest assured that your vehicles are in good hands. We use the latest diagnostic tools and equipment to ensure accurate assessments and high-quality repairs, giving you peace of mind knowing that your fleet is in top condition.

Fleet servicing


Don't let vehicle maintenance issues slow down your business. Trust Power Curve Automotive to keep your fleet running smoothly. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment or learn more about our fleet servicing solutions. Let us be your partner in keeping your business moving forward.