Landcruiser GLX Service

Davids first Landcruiser GLX Service with Power Curve Performance was February 2017.  Last week the Landcruiser GLX Service number 5 for the year was compleated.  David has a vibrant hunting hobby and he travels far an wide.  His hobby takes him into the unknown areas of Australia or massive farms and properties to assist with overrun plague areas.  David requires his Landcruiser 79 GLX to be at its peak performance.

Landcruiser GLX Service

Landcruiser 79 GLX Service February

The initial service we carried out on the Landcruiser GLX included

GLX service, 79 series, nambour mechanic

Todays Service

Now the GLX has the power, reliable clutch, and care systems to prevent issues occurring when off the map.  David now continues to return to Power Curve Performance to keep his GLX at its reliable state.  The GLX has had another air filter change on this service as you can see the build up bellow.  This build up will not just occur from overland or dirt trips.  If you drive your car or 4×4 everyday around town or along the highway, you will be surprised just how much build up can occur in the filters.

GLS service, diesel, 79 series landcruiser

The Pre-completion Phone Call

Have you ever dropped your vehicle in for a service and crossed your fingers and toes you will not get a phone call.  “Sir, while we serviced you car we noticed.”  The air filter retails around $60 for the Landcruiser GLX Service.  David relies on his vehicle with his life, keeping his filters, engine and the 4×4 at is’t best is the difference between a great trip and not getting home.  For the rest of us the benefits of a new air filter is just as important.  While the investment of $60 may not of been something you factored in.  The diesel engine requires clear, cool and even flow of air.  A blocked air filter can contribute to higher fuel consumption, engine strain/ wear, power loss, overheating.  These are just the most common issues.  The smaller $60 items David keeps on top of with his Landcruiser GLX Service contribute to the GLX getting him home every trip.

Most of us do not do the km to warrant a 5 time a year service such as David does. However, if you think it might be time for your nest service give our team a call to get you home again this Christmas season.



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