Landcruiser Mountain Park Camp Road Challenge

Landcruiser Mountain Park is well known for Camp Road.  This Easter Power Curve Performance and Partsman bought to you the comprod Camp Road Challenge.

A new event for the park open to anyone with wheels wanting to take on the Camp Road.

Landcruiser Mountain Parklandcruiser mountain park power curve performance pig pen diesel performance

Landcruiser Mountain Park has to be one of Queensland’s most loved 4wd parks.  Just a few hours drive from the Power Curve workshop.

Since its recent reopening Partsmans proposal to sponsor the event was too good to pass up.  Even if it just meant a trip to the park….

Landcruiser Mountain Park is a great destination for anyone who is looking for an off road experience.

At $60 per vehicle a night, the camp facilities are well catered for.  There are a couple of set sites with hot showers and toilets.

The park ranges from dirt roads to extreme tracks where a well set up 4wd is a must.

Power Curve Performance took the TI TD42 Auto Nissan Patrol out for a spin. With no lift and just a nice 250HP, Patrick took it on all tracks bar extreme with ease.

The extreme tracks require rock sliders, great suspension, Snorkel, off road tires, winch, and some grunt to get you to the end of the track.

The owners of Landcruiser Mountain Park have also implemented a 10 pm curfew that is enforced.

With young families of our own here at Power Curve Performance the park has small streams and a waterfall.  If you’re looking for an off-road family adventure not too far from the Sunshine Coast, Landcruiser Mountain Park is a great destination.

land cruiser mountain park power curve performance

Comprod Camp Road Challenge

Comprod Camp Road Challenge as a first event for the team was a great start out event.  Spectators lined the climb and competitors were there eager to take on the climb.

The goal was simple, from bottom to top fastest time.  From our past visits and through the closure of the park camp road is even more of an adventure than ever before.

The sound of the engines was the perfect match for the vibe of the crowd.

For us, we were a little out of site with stopwatch and time sheet in hand at the very top of the hill taking all of the times and trading off broken diagnosis of vehicles with the guys from Allset.

We had 15 entrants for the day and we look forward to getting out there again and making it bigger and better.

With the feedback from the spectators, I’m sure this will not be the last.  We hope to see Landcruiser Mountain Park events back up and running strong soon.

Miss JAC

We were lucky enough to have Miss JAC Photography join us for the day and come out and take some personal pictures for us too of the Power Curve Performance TD42 Automatic.

Please check out her pictures in the gallery and make sure to look her up if you’re looking for some great off road images for yourself.

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