Lovells Ford Ranger 7100 GCM Upgrade

Danny was unhappy with the way his previous ford ranger performed as a trade work ute.  There were a few minor issues with the past vehicle and Danny found it time to upgrade to a newer version.  Looking to set up the ford ranger as a 4wd ute capable of towing a trailer as well as setting the ute up with a full touring/ weekend set up.  Danny was recommended by a friend to speak with the team from Power Curve for advice on a Lovells ford ranger 7100 GCM upgrade.  A ford ranger that serves as a work ute and a tourer must be reliable, legal and fit for purpose.   It is also a one time upgrade, it is very important to get it right the 1st time and make sure you are supported by a team who care about the outcome of your ford ranger federal GCM upgrade. 

ford ranger 7100 gcm upgrade radiator

after speaking with the Power Curve GVM 3500 and GCM 7100 4×4 team the appropriate kit was decided upon.  Currently with the laws in QLD to upgrade the GCM on some vehicles needs to be done as an SSM ( second stage manufacturer ) as a federal or pre-purchase installation.  Lovells GVM upgrade kits for 4wd’s offer different weight rate options for standard and also for the addition of accessories.  Danny and the Power Curve GCM team discussed Dannys upgrade options including a few upgrades to be installed by the team while his vehicle is here.  Dannys ford ranger upgrades will include a Rival bumper replacement bullbar, runva winch, snorkel, long range fuel tank.  For the tray Danny will set up the ford ranger to suit his trade vehicle.  It is important to know and understand your plan regarding 4wd upgrades and accessories prior to installing any 4wd suspension kit to insure the correct set up.  This will make a big diference to the life of the suspension, ride of the vehicle and achieving the purpose of the intallation of the 4wd suspension.

lovells ford ranger 7100 gcm upgrade rear suspension

Danny has upgraded his ford ranger from a 3200 GVM OE to a 3500 GVM suited to his purpose and his 4wd upgrades.  The pre-purchase GCM has changed from a 6000 GCM to a 7100 GCM.  To assist with the current demands of the vehicle to carry and tow the extra weight Lovells have also supplied us the upgraded the cooling system on the ford ranger.  This includes an upgraded intercooler, radiator and transmission cooler.   Power Curve with a history of upgrading 4wd’s and tuning 4wd’s believe this is a great option for the ford ranger and the build quality of these is 2nd to none.  It is a great foundation to start with to support the health of the fords engine and mechanical components. This reduces any additional strain on the ford ranger when towing or carrying the additional GCM and GCM load required. 

Lovells Ford Ranger 7100 GCM Upgrade

Now the 7100 GCM upgrade has been installed and registered. Danny is back with the Power Curve team for more upgrades to set up his trade ute.  The Power Curve team have just completed the installation of the Rival bull bar and runva 11xp winch to get out of any sticky situations on the work site as well as possibly on some PCPADV weekends.  The TJM snorkel and Brown Davis long range fuel tank is next on Dannys list.  From here the Power Curve team will assist and keep the ford ranger fit for purpose as the right set up for Dannys needs.  We also offer log book and mechanical servicing to maintain this vehicle.  Installing these 4wd touring and job site upgrades are done at Power Curve with mechanical sympathy in mind.  Due to the fact Power Curve are not just accessory installers we are mechanics, dyno tuners , campers and 4wd enthusiasts as well.  We understand the long term outcome of the installation of an upgrade.  We usually for most of our clients maintain, service and repair their vehicle.  If there is a fitment or a poor product choice this does not stand by our family values.  The right setups for our clients is extremely important to us as we understand what we expect from our vehicles and this flows onto our expectations for our clients vehicles in real word situations.

If you are wanting assistance in regards to your needs with your upgraded GVM of your current 4wd our team offers a service to weigh your vehicle to obtain the current GVM of the 4wd.  We can assist with advice regarding the correct rate of suspension coils or leafs to give you the best constant rate ride. We also offer items to improve your weekend or non-constant upgrades.  If a GVM upgrade is not required Power Curve offer a large range of non GVM 2″ suspension kits that will suit your 4wd needs. So in a nutshell regardless of whether you need to carry and tow as much as you legally can as you travel this amazing country of ours or just want a slightly higher and more comfortable ride to see over traffic when you are stuck on the Bruce highway we can help you achieve the result you want. Cheers and we hope this helped, the Power Curve team.