Its been a while since the MUX ECU Tune for Steve.  We have a whole new location, dyno bay and bigger work team.  The MUX is still running strong and Steve and his family often pop by to say hi and give us an update on the MUX ECU Tune.

At the time of the MUX ECU Tune the vehicle was relatively new and still under warranty.  Hesitant about the also new ECU Tune technology Steve put his faith and trust in the Power Curve Performance team.


MUX ECU Tune, Power Curve Performance

Isuzu MUX ECU Tune

While a dyno reading from our old dyno dynamics format you can clearly see the outcome of the ECU Tune.  Steves main issue with the Isuzu was lack of bottom end power and grunt when overtaking, towing and merging.  Steve went with the ECU tune option and has never looked back, unless in the rear vision mirror to see the face of the person he overtook.

The MUX is the daily driver of Steves wife and young son who attends daycare locally here in Nambour.  When Steve is at work knowing his wife and child have a safe, reliable power upgrade.  Nambour is a riddle of steep hills, traffic lights and roundabouts, peak hour in Burnside where the family often frequent can be hectic.  A responsive engine that has the torque on demand to take off and merge is important here.

Power upgrades are about creating safe, drivable every day 4x4s for your family, weekends away and great memories.

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