Nissan NP300 TLC

David bought his son in laws new Nissan NP300 for some TLC.  The new vehicle is a trade ute and reliability and great maintenance is key for a trade base business.  No ute no work, David bought the Nissan NP300 in for a little TLC.

Nissan NP300 TLC Upgrade 1

A full time work ute while still in warranty you don’t have to completely sacrifice power.  Nissan NP300 TLC and throttle response with an ultimate 9 throttle response unit.  With no implications on the engine and all of the response in the pedal.  The Throttle Controller will give the owner better off the mark power and will suit him when towing and completely tray loaded.  The Throttle response unit is plug in an outplay.  If he wants to remove pre-service he can.

Nissan NP300 TLC, ultimate 9, power curve

Nissan NP300 TLC Upgrade 2

Diesel car catch can, will reduce build up of the intake and keep the flow of the Nissan NP300 working to its peak standard Performance.  An easy check of the HPD dip stick will easily tell when it is time to change.


Nissan NP300 TLC catch can

Nissan NP300 TLC Upgrade 3

Designed to efficiently remove particle matter and water from fuel –  THE FUEL MANAGER Filter systems consist of a range of primary and secondary filters available in different lengths and micron levels to suit nearly every make and model diesel 4WD.

Nissan NP300 TLC, HPD Catch Can, Diesel Care filter, Power Curve Performance

Nissan NP300 TLC

The owner of the NP300 believes in 5000Km oil changes.  While under manufacture service schedules he will be having the oil changed every 5000Km.  As the office to a business, there is a strong need to minimize downtime with the work ute.  Taking the time to take the best care of it may add to the bills but over all the potential for larger bills is minimized.

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