Offroad Animal Bullbar & Runva Winch

In the year it is 2021 part availability is providing a few challenges.  When Adam contacted me in regards to upgrading his 2020 200 series GX Landcruiser with a winch and bull bar, I didn’t have high hopes of a speedy installation.  We were able to source both the offroad animal bullbar & runva winch in a more than the acceptable time frame for Adam.

offroad animal bullbar and runva winch 200 series 2020 toyota landcruiser

Adams 200 series GX LandCruiser bullbar

Adam contacted Power Curve looking for a bullbar for his newly acquired 200 series LandCruiser.  Adam had done his research and had the offroad animal bull bar in mind.  One of the hardest points when looking to add aftermarket accessories to your new vehicle these days is not so much the ADR approval of the product, most have these.  The hardest thing is acquiring a product that will work with your models’ accessories and electronics.  The 200  series comes with more models and options than we care to want to believe and this makes aftermarket accessories a costly and time constraining product to produce for manufactures.  Adam had done his homework on the offroad animal bar.  Power Curve has learnt over time that bull bars do not just fit onto vehicles.  There is a lot of great online information regaring the offroad animal bar with fitting insturctions, availability and all of the items the offroad bullbar offer.  Due to the set up we agreed to supply and fit the offroad animal bullbar.

Toro Bull bar, Suitable for Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series, 2015 on

Hail to the king, yep Land cruiser King of the off-road.  Time to make it better, much better.  Enhance those good looks and get people looking with this modern bar from Offroad Animal.  Don’t settle for same old Vanilla bars offered by the rest.  Get something that not only looks the best, but has awesome features too. 

Toro means Bull in Spanish.  Perfect for a bull bar right.  I think so, if you don’t, well skip on and don’t cry about it. No body likes whingers. 

Everyone has a boring old ARB or TJM bar. Yeah I know, yawn, seen it all before.  How about you stand out from the crowd and get something that shows your wild and fun side. 


  • Looks.  Yep this bad boy looks great and will give your Land cruiser that Super aggressive look
  • Smaller bar means it weighs less so your Land cruiser can still be fast
  • Better Airflow than the rest to keep your motor cool too.
  • Easy fitment of bar and winch
  • Winch can be fitted after bar is fitted so,  yeah, nice
  • Winch mounts feet down, (actually how most winches were designed,)
  • Can have LED light bar fit inside bar for super cool look (up to 22″ LED single row)  
  • Cover plate optional if you don’t want to have light bar set into bullbar



  • ADR compliant
  • Airbag compatible 
  • Works with parking sensors, Adaptive cruise Radar and head light washers
  • Bumper replacement, with no cutting of bumper. 
  • Welded one piece bar with welded wing supports for super toughness
  • Only sits 150-160mm out from front of grill. Compare that to our standard 3 letter competitors 
  • Zinc plated then powder coated Matte black
  • Hi lift jacking points included in design
  • Antenna mounts included as standard that bolt to the back of the uprights
  • Suits most low mount winches including Warn Zeon
  • Works with factory fog lights or easily mount 2 Cube lights (per wing) or up to an 8″ LED light bar in each wing. If you want a factory style fog light we suggest these Stedi LED fog lights 
  • Number plate flip included for those running a winch
  • Can be colour coded to vehicle
  • 20mm steel tow hooks included on mounts


While the bumper takes most single row led light bars (we suggest the Offroad Animal 22″ LED light bar

This bar suits all Toyota Land cruiser 200 Series models 2015 to current, all variants except GX

Included in box

  • 1 x Front bar weldment
  • 1 x LH chassis impact bracket
  • 1 x RH chassis impact bracket
  • 1 x mesh fairlead mount
  • 1 x Mesh infill LH
  • 1 x Mesh infill RH
  • 1 x Light cover Mesh LH
  • 1 x Light cover Mesh RH
  • 1 x fog lamp bracket LH
  • 1 x fog lamp bracket RH
  • 1 x centre bash plate
  • 1 x under wing panel LH
  • 1 x under wing panel RH
  • 1 x winch control box bracket
  • 1 x number plate flip
  • 1x Pinch weld seal
  • A butt load of nuts and bolts to make it all sit nice and pretty
bullbar, runva winch, 200 series landcruiser
Offroad Animal Bullbar & Runva Winch
runva, winch

Adams bullbar and winch installation

Power Curve supply and install bullbars and winches on a regular basis.  However, these jobs never seem to be the same and the recommended fitting time suppliers offer are laughable.  Even brand new to fit aftermarket products if done with care and to sit correctly, evenly and to trim up all the loose ends take considerably more time than recommended for us, and we have all the tools required as well as experience at hand.  Most bull bars suprisingly do not come assembled.  The most complicated we have had to put together would be the rhino coming in so many pieces, looking just as good and super easy to fit is the Rival bar, our guys would kiss the ground you walk on to fit a rival bar.  They both look great, work and are fantastic bars but one takes 10 times longer to fit.  The offroad animal bar comes with a well thought out instruction kit.  All the pieces are there and the bar its self is one piece.  There are still a lot of pieces as seen in the video that just has to be located and put together.  The client had the winch, areal and as you can see a few other accessories pre-installed.  All of this comes into play when fitting products and more just something to be mindful of when having fit or fitting anything aftermarket.  If I was to fit this my self at home as a DIY allow a few beers, mates and 1-3 days depending on your skill level.  Or Ikea fitting level.