Patrol4x4.com Forum Dyno Day 2017

Patrol4x4.com Forum Dyno Day 2017

Power Curve Performance have a strong professional relationship with the Queensland patrol4x4.com forum.

When invited back for a second year to host the Dyno Dynamics Power Curve Dyno at the annual Queensland meet there was no way the team was going to say no.

The Patrol4x4.com members are easy going, great forum people with Queensland values.

The all day and night event offers the forum members the opportunity to catch up, discuss their 4wds and plan for their next adventures.

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Patrol4x4.com Events

Show and Shine is open to all forum members creating an unusual atmosphere for a show and shine.  Held in late July – August the weather is amazing.  The forum members roll out their awnings, camp chairs and check the solar panel is getting optimum sun for a social catch up.

Raffle is a huge draw card with more prizes than can be given away.  Prizes for Nissan Dyno Tunes, BCF, Superior Engineering, fire pits and two tables of anything 4wd orientated that could be imagined.  The proceeds from the even all go back to charity.

Superior Engineering Flex ramp and promotion stand is open to anyone happy to test their rigs flex.  Jesse from Power Curve Performance Red Dragon Nissan Patrol was put to the test.  She is as impressive as she looks.  If you want to flex like the Dragon make sure to give Jesse a call at the Power Curve work shop.

lift suspension flex sunshine coast shocks coils spacers 3" lift 4" lift

 Power Curve Performance Dyno

Everyone loves the roar of the Power Curve Performance Dyno.  This year the team bought the flair with a new set up, merchandise and one big new surprise.  Miss JAC Photography has joined our dyno event team.  Taking Emmas position as photo taker to a fantastic automotive photographer.  Miss JAC captured images of all of the action from the day on the Dyno.  With images available to purchase and bookings available for custom photography sessions.

The Power Curve Performance team know how to put on a great dyno day.  This year Patrick custom converted a ZD30 Direct Injected engine and transplanted it into a $400 BMW.  With the thought in mind Patrick over committed and promised the surprise conversion by the Patrol4x4.com forum day.  Unfortunately he didn’t realise the commitment he made on the 29/06/2017 gave him exactly one month until the 29th July to fulfill the project.

For the team in work hours this would be no issue.  The conversion took place with many late night outside of business hours.  The result was astounding with the engine fitting perfectly in the bay and achieving an amazing 250HP.  Power Curve Performance show again that with funds, time and know how the unthinkable is achievable.

Another year of Performance Patrols and a fast growing event hosted by an amazing team.  Thankyou to Ross, The Sims family and Murray for inviting us back for 2018.  If you would like to attend the patrol4x4.com event in 2018 you need to be a member and register online.

Power Curve Performance are you reliable power upgrade team.  Looking for a service, injector pump upgrade, dyno tune or turbo? There is a reason the forum choose Power Curve Performance as the event dyno team..

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