QLD GCM law approved

We have received notification that the long-awaited upgrade for GCM kits post registration in QLD as a state law has been upgraded and passed. This means that manufactures of compliant kits that incorporate GVM and GCM upgrades will be able to change the legal GCM on supported vehicles in QLD.
For all who have been keeping in touch with us at Power Curve Automotive here are some preparation points that need to occur. These changes will need to be made prior to everyone jumping on board and upgrading their vehicles.
Power Curve Automotive offer a range of Lovells GVM upgrades and many of these to date have supported federal GCM upgrades also. Many of these kits will now be relevant to be adapted to the new laws.
Now that the law has been passed for QLD, Lovells will need to go over the legislation and make changes to their paperwork and possibly kits to meet the approvals. We thank you for your patience during this time as the law documentation has passed Lovell is working on the new process and approvals, but this will take time.
From here the process for Power Curve Automotive will be to keep you updated as kits are approved and released to us.
To keep everyone up to date we will let you know via Facebook and our website with information and dates the kits will becoming available.
We received this information today at about 10:30am and we are and will update you as the information is released to us. Thank you so much for staying posted to the Power Curve Automotive page and we will keep you updated as quickly as we can.


If you would like to chat with Emma about gvm and gcm she will be at the caravan and camping show in nambour the last week of March first week of April. QLD GCM law approved