R34 Nissan Skyline Service

R34 Nissan Skyline Service

The day Bill walked in to ask for a service break down for his R34 Nissan Skyline we had to take a double count.  Bill is not your usual skyline owner, he would be a few years plus out of the common post teen age bracket of Skyline owners.  Bill was well aware the R34 skyline was due for a timing belt and had a few items he wanted to have checked off on his list.  Power Curve Performance was the pick of the local mechanics for Bill with our performance reputation.  The reputation was quickly confirmed once meeting the team.  We proposed to view the vehicle and on Bills the R34 surprise continued.

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As many of us know it is very uncommon to find a clean immaculately kept Skyline that has almost been kept in a time capsule.  With their modification and body upgrade options and the high percentage in the drift and street circuit.  Bills is by far a rare sight a 1998 R34 Nissan Skyline with a standard factory turbo and manual neo6.  Bill came to the decision the skyline was due for some TLC and a full-service top to bottom to keep her in the condition she is now a custom.



A GReddy timing belt, genuine pulley and adjuster, genuine crank, cam seals and genuine water pump were ordered and installed. Whilst removing and inspecting the radiator Beau noted the core and top tank were rotten.  Having the value of a great network of business the diagnosis was confirmed by the team at Nambour Radiator Works.  The price to repair made a replacement more cost effective and reliable.  A follow-up call to Bill on the job progress and update on the radiator gave us the go ahead to order the new radiator.  As always Nambour Radiator Works supplied a new radiator replacement on our doorstep at 2:30pm.  Mark and his teams’ efficiency had us on time and able to instal the same afternoon.


Old Skyline Radiator

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All of the oils were checked as a result the following were changed.  For the Skyline R34 a pao ester synthetic 10 tenths Penrite and a Nippon Max series oil filter was used.  NGK spark plugs were replaced along with a fuel filter, high temp brake and clutch fluids and a complete check over.  The rocker cover gaskets were leaking and confirmed for replacement. In the process of removing all parts to gain access, the map/boost sensor was found to be broken.  It was evident that had been badly repaired in the past and failed.  Adjoining vacuum lines and PCV hoses had perished over the past 19 years.  Upon replacement of the rocker cover gasket, perished lines were replaced.

GReedy timing belt

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The R34 Nissan Skyline was safely test driven there was evidence of what seemed to be a boost leak.  Having the use of the dyno allows our technicians to diagnose on road simulation situations that could not be done so. Unless we were able to train a Usain Bolt speed mechanic.  Power Curves Dyno Dynamics Dyno allowed Beau to quickly locate the issue minimising the cost to the customer.  Diagnosis to the noise was loose nuts on the turbo flange.  Having the right tools allowed this issue to be quickly resolved.



Sunshine Coast Dyno Tuning R34 Nissan Skyline


Final Result

Beau notified Bill the vehicle was ready for collection.  After a run through face to face of the process as well as the phone conversations during the process, Bill was happy with the outcome.  Beau had given him a clear explanation of the parts and why he had used what he had, being a particular interest to the customer.  The map sensor was shown and it was clear why the part was to be repaired.  Power Curve Performance aim for our customers to feel they are valued and their money is well spent.  There is no doubt the R34 will be back to Power Curve Performance for its following services.


If you are in need of a service to your Silverado, Nissan Patrol, Honda Civic, R34 Skyline or whatever your choice of vehicle may be. Why not call Power Curve Performance for your next service and leave as happy as Bill.  CONTACT US HERE