Replacement turbo

Replacement turbo for a kun26 Hilux after a clear indication of foreign material has passed through the old unit damaging the VNT mechanism.

hilux turbo

Job notes as follows

Strip and clean turbocharger. All components are precisely cleaned before being measured to OE specs. All turbocharger parts are measured including bearing and seal journals, compressor and turbine wheel dimensions, housing bores, bearings, collars and seal rings. The wheels are then balanced via the balancing system. The turbine and compressor wheels are balanced separately. After this they are balanced together as one common rotating assembly, lastly, the CHRA is VSR balanced.

The whole process is balanced to better OE specs. The turbocharger is then reassembled using all new parts. All bot holes, threads, fittings, gasket surfaces are cleaned and repaired back to OE specs. Fitted a new chra and nozzle ring to a Toyota CTVNT. Note: on inspection, the exhaust wheel had major damage to the inducer fins causing the veins to split and break away. In turn, the VNT was sticking. This can be caused by: Over fulling Excessive boost Excessive EGT’s or a foreign object has entered the exhaust housing / The cause must be found or the turbo WILL fail again.

hilux turbo

The customer contacted Power Curve Performance with a known turbo failure.  Having just had a service and major repair the customer came to us after having to drive the vehicle home in limp mode from the mechanic.  With two options 1 to repair or 2 to replace.  A repair suited the situation and vehicle just fine.  A great feeling when a customer is satisfied with the teams work and drives out with a massive smile and an Ill be back.  Happy travels and we will see you soon Chris.

hilux turbo replacement

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