If I Supply My Own Parts It Will Be Cheaper


In a world of information and ready advisory assistance, it often seems logical for customers to “supply my own parts”.

Buying secondhand or near new from Facebook, eBay, Gumtree or a large distributor has become a common trend.

While so often a great option the 70% of customers we see who supply their own parts things go horribly wrong.

We are all guilty or taking the questionable option to save a dollar. Face it money doesn’t grow on trees and feels it’s becoming harder to come by.


A sad story

We spent a couple of consecutive days with another mechanic shop on an unrelated project.  One of the trained mechanics was leaving Friday afternoon for a week off up the beach.

We arrived Saturday afternoon and observed the mechanic left for his beach trip Sunday lunchtime.

He like many of us he got caught in the money saving trap. Supply my own parts courtesy of eBay.

He had bought a part online that he was relying on for his beach trip.  It took him days of fixing the new product and modifying his vehicle.

He was too far in to drive the vehicle and unable to source a part given the date and time to get him out of the situation.  He had also used his budget on this part unable to afford another.

The mechanic lost out on 2.5 days of holidays and much-needed relaxation.  Whats more this was the outcome for a Mechanic, not an unqualified individual.


pricing expectations for small business v big business


Customer reality

For a customer who is in the same situation.

  1. One frequently unable to fix the problem incurs the cost to tow the car.
  2. The mechanic cost to follow the same process additional hours and unneeded expense.
  3. Longevity of the part and is it fit for purpose.
  4. No warranty and supplier support.

So often this is a reality for too many customers.  Buying a second hand un-used catch can without the correct brackets- this all needs to be custom made and mounted.


Catch can

When we supply, freight and install a catch can, snorkel etc.  Power Curve Performance has seen, fit and tuned a couple of vehicles with these units.  Our customers, team, fellow businesses and suppliers provide feedback and information to us.

Ultimately our aim is to make a profit.  Power Curve Performance is a business, not a charity lets not deny that fact.  To make money we book in as many jobs as possible and allocate our team to the schedule over the week.   So while we may charge a customer more to fit their eBay part if it isn’t fit for purpose.  The reality is it does not benefit us when times are blown out and our next two days of booked work is unable to be started.

I can tell you I will supply freight and install a HPD Catch Can to your 200 series for $550.  That is $385 same price you can buy that catch can any where in Australia.  $30 freight and $135 labor to install the unit.  Most people buy a Diesel Care fuel filter at the same time from us so the labor comes down to $110.  You will walk in walk out and everyone is aware of the process and time.



After you walk out the door.

If your catch can fails or there is an issue we can back the product and assist you to rectify it.  HPD will respect the install, purchase and work with us to rectify the issue for you.

Services are easy as the fitment will be neat easy to check and keep the vehicle at its best.


Down the track

The reality of a un back yard vehicle to purchase is becoming harder to find.  While it can be self-satisfying to do your own work and make and install your own parts and self service.  This creates a huge vehicle resale issue for you down the track.

People like to see log book general services, receipts for qualified installation of parts and modifications.  We receive many calls from potential purchases in regards to vehicles we service, modify and tune.  At the end of the conversation, the fact the vehicle has been professionally cared for by a performance service with recommended parts and services seals the sale.


Forums and Socials

Forums and socials have created a voice for everyone.  Its been said before anyone can write anything they like online.  There is no know how and mostly someones advice comes second hand from what they themselves have been told.

Power Curve uses this media every day, it is the way of the 2017 world. However, take everything you read and are advised with a grain of salt and sensibility.

Tomorrow a customer may walk back in my office with a terrible experience.  I guarantee you that will not be my next Facebook post.  The saying it something is wrong to tell us and if its right tell everyone.  The information you see online is often only half of the reality.

The same customer may give us a bad review because the general service we supplied did not include a Duramax conversion.  A little over the top but often the line between truth and reality is blurred.

If someone recommends a product online or have used it themselves and found it great.  It doesn’t always mean you will have the same outcome and experience.  Every engine and vehicle purpose is different.

When you supply your own parts the outcome is not always the same as member 649partsareus experience.



We hear you and we understand

Society on a whole is sick and tired of mechanics. We hear you loud and clear.  People trying to sell you a product or a diagnosis that is incorrect and cost you the world.

Power Curve Performance is a small family business.  It’s not fast cars and money that opened our doors.  Yes, we are here to make money and put food on our table.

Power Curve Performance evolved from a love to make and create quality custom and performance vehicles.  We like to see happy families with quality parts and services off on a camping trip and enjoying their life.

The outcome for us is service and quality outcomes and we want to see that for you, our customer from start to finish.  This is why you are reading a blog seemingly to create us more profit but really to save you a little cost and heartache.


To find out more about our services and parts always feel free to contact us via Ph: 07544 17779 or info@powercurveqld.com.au