Suzuki Mighty Boy

Suzuki surprised the motor industry world when it released the Suzuki Mighty Boy.  The Japanese are not new to the different and unusual and it seems much of Australia didn’t mind it either.  For a little 3 cylinder ute the versatility of the tray is still a mystery to me.  The practicality post tune as two of our mechanics squeezed into the cab of the sporty little coupe utility was unclear.


Tuning the Suzuki Mighty Boy

Adding a turbo to the Mighty Boy the owner required a tune and the 3 cylinder mighty boy impressed with 67.8HP.  The only real hurdle the Power Curve Team came across was productivity.  Everywhere we went to test drive the Might Boy people would stop us.  I love that! I use to own a Suzuki Mighty Boy! That’s the coolest thing I have seen




Get your one of a kind vehicle tuned with Power Curve Performance.  Have heads turning because of what you drive not how badly it runs.

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