Toyota Prado Exhaust

Toyota Parado is one of the most popular family wagons on the market.  With their large space and design, they are perfect for everyday school and footy runs as well as a weekend away camping on the beach.  Combined with a diesel ECU Tune and a Legendex exhaust the Toyota Prado is the perfect family car.  These Toyotas are more than capable of towing a camper trailer packed with bikes, and family to some of the Sunshine Coast prime locations.

Customers love their Prado and with all things in life a few little upgrades make them custom for you and your family.  As Barney from Legendex explains the  Legendex Toyota Prado Exhaust is bang for buck. We can tell you all about it but we will leave it to the manufacturer to do the talking today..


Legendex Toyota Prado exhaust – Barney Lewis takes us through the differences between the stock and 3″ upgraded exhaust.


Legendex Toyota Prado Exhaust Self Instal

The Legendex Toyota Prado Exhaust is easy self fit.  Over time with most 4×4 doing beach work and off road travel some of the old nuts and blots can cease and cause you more headache than they are worth.  Our team can tune your Toyota Prado and instal your Legendex Toyota Prado Exhaust in the one day.  All you have to do is collect it after work and head to the beach with your mates, family, a cold beer and enjoy the note.   Not of the exhaust that is not the waves.

More upgrades by Power Curve for my Toyota Prado

Power Curve Performance are enhancing the range of 4×4 performance as Superior Engineering Stockist and Dealers.  A Superior Remote Reservoir 2 Inch Lift Kit will have the Toyota Prado smoothly sailing down the beach.  Better travel and so much less complaining about bumpy tracks when you’re enjoying the sand and the drive.

Toyota Prado Exhaust

As of 18/01/2018 this kit is $1908 plus install.  You can even get 6mths interest free and get the whole lot beach ready.

Power Curve Performance can kit out your Prado from Servicing, rock sliders, roof racks, ECU diesel tunes.  Everything you need to custom upgrade your Toyota Prado to your needs.

Legendex Toyota Prado exhaust, Power Curve Performance


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