Turbo Charged Engine

The Clubsport has been tuned inhouse prior by our team.  Back in for a  dyno tune, now Turbo Charged Engine.  A tune alone is not always the answer to make the vehicle drive, idle and start correctly.  Once on the dyno, the Clubsport was found to have standard injectors fitted and Boost rising past 16psi.  New injectors where ordered and the commodore rebooked to replace injectors with 1000cc and remove the waste gate and remove one spring to allow 9psi of boost.  The injection issue for the now Turbo Charged Engine was rectified.

The Commodore was re dynoed engine, found to have inconsistent readings and engine operation, and a strange miss.  The next step was to remove spark plugs and change with more suited boosted plug, a necessity. The Turbo charged Engine is now re tested, still has a miss on cruise with a large error in fuel trims. Found to have both oxy sensors in the same exhaust pipe, turn off o2 sensors and recheck operation, still has inconsistent control of fuel.

turbo holley commodore engine bay, Turbo Charged Engine

More than just tuning Dynos

Suspect map sensor fault as has cheap looking map sensor, fit new 2 bar map sensor and retune, found to be responding and operating as expected, adjust fuel and timing to suit engine requirement.  Through this process of diagnosis, the vehicles tune had to be adjusted and re calibrated at each step.

For best value for you and the ultimate tune of your vehicle the more information, you can provide the better.


Power Curve Performance offers the Sunshine Coast a one stop performance solution to create the best outcome for your vehicle.  We work along side East Coast Performance engine shop just across the way, Nambour Radiators, Harrop, Farrows Shafting, Bullett Transmissions and some of the very best in the performance industry.  Power Curve Performance can offer a drive in, drive out upgrade for your vehicle.  This means doing the job once.  The right cam, injectors, suited turbo charger, plugs and tune are all designed from the engine block up.


Results Turbo Charged Engine

Turbo Charged Engine, Power Curve Perforamnce

Turbo Charged Engine, Power Curve Perforamnce, turbo holley commodore engine bay, Turbo Charged Engine

The Turbo Charged Engine came together very nicely for a top figure of 591.1HP.


Looking for a Turbo Charged Engine or Tune


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