V8 Land Cruiser tuned to tow 5th wheeler caravan

We have a lot of people come to us for tunes with similar towing issues such as this customer with a V8 Landcruiser Ute.

Towing a 5th wheeler is a big ask of any vehicle, we find our location in Nambour a great testing grounds due to the steep inclines and long drags that we are able to test these our 4wds on.

This customer has a 3” exhaust, performance heavy duty clutch a factory snorkel and intercooler We assisted his tow power with a custom Power Curve Performance ECU Tune.

A V8 needs to breath and we recommend a top quality large exhaust and cross over pipe such as the Legendex brand we often fit in house.

An intercooler and snorkel upgrade also assist with cooling and air flow. Air flow is very important when considering upgrades to a diesel engine.

Being a manual Toyota there is no question when adding power to the engine the standard clutch will not cope. We always 100% recommend and fit NPC Clutches.

The way we have tuned this vehicle today is respective of this customers needs.

They are not looking for huge dyno sheet results they are looking for an economy and tow tune and these dyno results reflect this for this diesel package.

V8 Landcruiser ECU Diesel Tune Results

A well tuned engine is about a lot more than a power figure, its about driveability and longevity.

What you will see with this tune is that the V8 Cruiser has gone from a standard 109.7KW and risen to 147.4KW giving it a 37.7KW increase.

If you look back through our records this is not a ground breaking increase, however that is not the result we are looking to achieve with this tune package.

We would like to draw your attention to the air fuel ratio and how close to standard we have been able to achieve in our tune.  This is going to result minimal heating issues for the customer when towing such a large load.  Or team has also increased their results earlier in the rev range giving them the power and torque where they were struggling to concur inclines previously.

We feel as a travelling, towing tune this customer can feel confident and comfortable when travelling through the vast environmental challenges that Australia offers in comparison to many others around the world.

Having this kind of custom ECU tune on the vehicle sure makes this a much more manageable, reliable and predictable journey.

Let us talk to you about your custom needs.

For more on this project please have a look at our Youtube clip:

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