Volkswagen Amarok Service

Volkswagen Amarok Service in today for a lovely local Nambour family.  A well performing vehicle does not need to be owned by a car fanatic.  You do not have to fit this description to be our customer either.  Our children dance with the owner of this Volkswagen Amarok Service children.  Dave has no interest in what tyres, suspension or how much power his Volkswagen Amarok has.  However he is a very busy man not unlike many of our customers.

Dave has a job that can see him doing regular trips to Brisbane and back in a suit and tye.  The fire warden for his local rural fire brigade and has fought the recent fires near the new Aura estate and Australia Zoo.  The family live on a small rural property with a few head of cattle, orchids, poultry and biggest friendliest dogs I have ever seen.  When the  Volkswagen Amarok is not needed to reliably get Dave around to all of these places moving hay, dropping kids to school ect.  The family do a bit of camping and days and weeks on the beach.  The right Volkswagen Amarok Service is of top importance to Dave.

Volkswagen Amarok Service means, while Dave could not care less about his horsepower that he can achieve all of the above with confidence.  Through conversations and small snippets of what we had been doing in our day Dave realised we where the service team he was looking for.

Reliable Amarok service

Volkswagen Amarok Service needs to be more than an oil and filter change for this local Sunshine Coast family.  Everything needs to be checked and maintained.  Things happen however it is of top importance that every measure is taken to keep the Volkswagen Amarok on the road.  One thing more important to us all in this era is time.  While we don’t want to be ripped off we can not afford to have our daily driver off the road for days or weeks because a simple fuel or air filter was not changed.  Dave wanted to be communicated with and given the option.

Why Are Power Curve Services Different

What we see here with our new logbook service clients is distrust between mechanics and owners.  For many dealerships and large mechanical workshops their service managers are paid on upsells.  While you may book in for a caped price service there are many misconceptions around the service you are being provided with a capped-price service.  Power Curve Performance is a family-owned business.  Our goal apart from looking after our clients is having a long term business.  This means we need to retain our clients.  Also we form a very personal relationship with our clients. We get to know their family and friends and for many Nambour locals, we are their service provider for their logbook services.  As a result, it is important for us to provide not only a reliable Amarok service but a realistic care plan for the vehicle.  Power Curve mechanical services differ to other mechanics as we do more than the log book service.  Our car service style is to keep a plan of the maintenance level of your Amarok and the future items that should be monitored.  This allows David to know just where his Amarok service is up to and what expenses may occur.  It also gives him the peace of mind to know he can commute from Brisbane and back and pick his daughters up from dancing without mechanical issues with his Amarok.

Volkswagen Amarok Service, Power Curve Performance, Sunshine Coast, Nambour

Volkswagen Amarok Service

Volkswagen Amarok Service, was fairly straightforward.  Unfortunately when we serviced Daves wifes car last time she had a little altercation with Daves mirror and a pole.  We sourced the only mirror in Australia available at this point in time to replace Daves mirror.  Sunshine Coast 4×4 wreckers are our go to source for second hand parts.  Their assistance saved Daves, wife, immensely.

Currently running standard tread road tyres and needing new ones we had a few options to replace.  Power Curve tech has supplied Dave with a on and off road set.  With the beach work the family do they had considered a small upgrade and where happy the option was provided to them.  Along with the mirror and tires the Volkswagen Amarok Service included general filters and oil, full check over, replacement bulb and a wash.  We are under the impression that Dave has not had a good history with mechanics as he reminded us a few times his tail light was not working.  All lights etc are always checked so a new bulb was installed.  Back on the road and ready for his rural fire brigade meeting tomorrow.


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