ZD30 DI Manual ECU Tune

Resolve your boost cut or limp mode issues with a ZD30 DI Manual ECU Tune.

Owning a ZD30 DI does not mean you have to sit in the slow lane and watch the TD42 owners fly past you as they boil their way up the hill.

ZD30 DI owners are frustrated with the lack of passion and investment tuning and performance shops are spending on their vehicle.  If your ZD30 DI is going into limp mode before you make it to the shops.  If you have spent most of your family holiday time swearing on the side of the road with the kids rather than enjoying the journey.  An ECU tune maybe in order.


ZD30 DI Manual ECU Tune

Down low torque at 2000RPM for this Nissan Patrol owner has lifted from 175NM to 375NM.  You dont have to be fantastic at maths to conclude that is 200NM of over taking and towing power this ZD30 DI has gained.  In this dyno sheet we see great increases with top end horse power and kilowatts as well.  Focusing on the 3800RPM for your Patrol is not very realistic.  You dont need towing and drive power up there its down low where you want the Patrol to over take and merge and take down the TD42.

zd30 di ecu tune

zd30 di ecu tune


ZD30 DI Manual ECU Tune Owner

Hand over of every tune we will go for a drive with the owner.  There where a few service points that we addressed for the owner also, all made very worth while by the feedback we received.

ZD30 DI Manual ECU Tune, Power Curve Performance, Customer feedback

The team also received a follow up call from the Ipswich based family thanking the team for their work.  Seeing happy ZD30 DI owners is a great outcome for all.  We look forward to their next visit.



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