200 series landcruiser intercooler fan upgrade

200 series landcruiser intercooler fan upgrade has proven to be a viable upgrade for the big powered v8 turbo diesel, standard and upgraded.  Power Curve Performance reputation for reliable diesel dyno tuning for touring 200 series landcruisers is a trait we are proud of.  This made us question the viability of adding an intercooler fan upgrade to the 200 series landcruiser.  Power Curve clients mostly travel and tour with their 200 series landcruisers.  This results in real life testing and feedback, resulting in a call for the intercooler fan upgrade as a preventative maintenance measure.  The Sunshine Coast boasts some amazing beaches and touring locations.  This means our local 200 series and 79 series are often travelling at low speeds on the beach or on a track, or even with the growing traffic here on the Sunshine coast.  

intercooler fan upgrade

PWR Performance intercooler fan upgrade

Without having to upgrade the intercooler on the 200 series landcruiser we have opted to use a 200 series specified thermo fan upgrade.  PWR thermo intercooler fan upgrade is designed to decrease heat soak to the engine, limiting performance.  With such a big engine needing as much clean, fresh air as possible more airflow is a benefit to the v8 turbo diesel.  When doing low speeds and in the sand, more so if towing on the sand there is limited airflow over the bonnet of the 200 series Landcruiser.  The PWR dual intercooler fans push fresh, cool air into the factory intercooler core giving the engine the extra assistance to get it confidently up and moving at those low down RPM.  A cheap insurance policy for the engine in our warm Australian climate. 

Intercooler Fan upgrade for the long term

Power Curve is all about the long term life and reliability of our client’s vehicles. Due to the fact we upgrade the vehicle from new to be capable of all of the touring and pcp adventures we take them on.  We then tune the engine to increase our confidence and joy with the vehicle of our choice.  Power Curve provides logbook service in-house for your partnership with that vehicle for life.  

Power Curve stands behind and endorses a product that improves the long term life of the engine.  Our passion is first the life our vehicles allow us to enjoy and second, quality outcomes of those vehicles long term.  By reducing the amount of heat soak the engine has to manage over time it will in turn improve the engine life living our value.  

200 series landcruiser intercooler fan upgrade

Fitting intercooler fan upgrade to 200 series Landcruiser 

Fitment is an easy swap for a standard tech and apart from our pre and post road tests fitment is around an hour tops with engine cover modifications.  Everything is pre set and where they can take us longer is in the finished product making every thing look right.  
Power Curve techs are not really fitters but they sure fit a lot of 4wd accessories including bull bars, rear bars, snorkels etc.  Their thought extends further than just fitting.  These mechanical tech think about the after care including the log book services they will have to carry out. Mechanical complications you may run into on the road and in the real world.  As well as we like our work tidy and finished well. 
After personally fitting and testing the product on our own vehicle the team at Power Curve Performance recommend fitting a PWR intercooler fan upgrade to your 200 series v8 diesel landcruiser.