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Power Curve Automotive vehicle services take away the painful points of getting your vehicle serviced. Vehicle servicing can be an unknown area for people and are notoriously a long task that can take up time that we feel is wasted waiting for your vehicle. Our process at Power Curve Automotive makes servicing your car less of a grey area for you. What sets Power Curve Automotives mechanics apart from the rest: Having loan vehicles minimize stressful interruptions to your day allowing life to carry on while we service your vehicle.

Secure out of hours key drop for early or late shift workers.

Our Power Curve Automotive 78 point maintenance check list keeps your vehicle safe by monitoring and allowing financial planning for future repairs.

Our standard extras include injector clean, code scanning, door lubrication, and grease of under body components; these extras helps maintain your vehicle for the long term, not offered as standard by most mechanics.

We won’t spend your hard-earned money unless you approve it. Our process is our mechanics inspect your vehicle and discuss any concerns of maintenance with you, being sure to have prices and availability of required parts. No work is carried out without your consent.

We have a time frame to work with for each task. This ensures the quality of work to being carried out allowing for pre organised time frames to suit your schedule and vehicle requirements. We use reputable quality brand Penrite oils, Ryco filters and components to minimize unnecessary returns and optimize our quality of work standard. All fluids are tested and monitored every service to minimize surprises. We provide images of jobs being carried out, of areas of concern, and items replaced to increase transparency.

We speak your language, to avoid the mechanic jargon which can be confusing. We also have informative videos and pdfs that help to explain the importance or function of the components we are replacing. We test drive every vehicle before and after work being carried out to replicate any issue, vibrations or running issues. We don’t cut corners so every service is carried out correctly. Your invoice will list items that were noticed, replaced and then items to be monitored or items that require urgent attention.

Our mechanics take pride in their work, and as such they are clean and respectful of your vehicle and belongings. Online booking makes life easy when things get busy and we will give you a courtesy call to confirm your booking the day before. We are an authorized logbook service provider, so have faith your new car warranty is still intact. We are a family business and we care about having families safe on the road. We also love a well looked after vehicle, so we enjoy keeping them that way.


Please state your vehicle type, rego, kilometres and any information that may assist with your enquiry.

  • *Please note due to the popularity of our engine conversion service, we are not taking on any new conversions at this time.

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