2006 Holden Clubsport Dyno

Holden Clubsport Dyno

Holden Clubsport 2006  booked in for a dyno run on the Dyno Dynamics roller today.

Clubsport owner had a few noted issues they wanted to be diagnosed.

Power Curve Performance diagnostic specialist test drove the vehicle to locate the described issues.

Often simulating the drive experience the customer is explaining with them is the best way to correctly diagnose an issue.

Assuming or interpenetrating the fault can be costly and timely for the customer.

Power Curve Performance Proposal

Customers require a proposal to confirm the current running condition of their vehicle.  Prior to purchase, sale, modifications, tunes, and peace of mind.

Condition prior to purchase, sale, modifications, tunes, and peace of mind.

For the proposal of the Clubsport, the Power Curve Performance has been able to check and locate issues such as.

Pinging under load:

Pinging under load affirms the need for a tidy up tune with afrs and timing also allowing more power.

Auto Diagnosis:

Firm shifts and holds power well- a follow up tune can confirm this once more power is added.


Many Power Curve Performance Dyno Proposals are directed from new modifications or purchases. Modifications are listed for these customers. From this point, follow-up modifications can be recommended.


The customer receives a dyno reading of their appointment and detailed explanation of what has been found.  The Holden Clubsport now has the need of a follow-up tune. Customers were excited to take some stickers and are looking forward to their next Power Curve Performance experience.

kw power reading holden clubsport power curve performance

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