4WD Action – Get more power from your diesel

4WD Action – Get more power from your diesel

4WD Action – Get more power from your diesel article this month is an interesting read.  It raises a few good points in relation to diesel power performance.

Don’t put up with sluggish performance in an age where the aftermarket industry is teeming with fantastic products.

The quest for more power, off road down low torque and towing power is a first response point for the everyday 4WD owner.

4WD Action hit the nail on the head when they say “Anyone can turn the fuel up on a motor til the pistons melt, or crank up the boost til it spits head gaskets.  The real trick to getting more power out of your pride and joy is knowing how to do it safely and responsibly.  All the power in the world is one thing, but as 4WDers we’ve gotta not just get out there, we’ve gotta- you know get home too.”


4WD Action has just quoted our Power Curve Performance moto to the T.

As they say its easy to flat dyno figures on Facebook and claim to of doubled the power by simply tuning an engine alone.  Power Curve Performance is not about this factor and we have a wonderful smile seeing that the general public & 4WD action believe the same.

Fundamentally the four “leading diesel experts” 4WD action advertise as a no-bull advice their readers can trust.  These four are individuals and aftermarket industry providers Power Curve Performance work with.

Power Curve Performance as an independent business has the luxury and power to pick and choose the products we work with.  The right brand intercooler for your Nissan Patrol may not be applicable for a Toyota Hilux or Dmax.  You guessed it we recommend and use the best of these brands for you!

Power Curve Performance does find the ECU tune the best quality outcome and 4WD performance upgrade for our customers.  Be mindful that 90% of the Power Curve Performance customers are looking for reliable get there and back home to performance upgrades.

There is always a place for extreme modifications and upgrades, however, this process is not what you the customer is asking for when taking on Big Red or a trip to the Cape.

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4WD Action Leading Diesel Experts

Legendex, Diesel Care, MTQ Engine Systems and High-Performance Diesel.

Like we said all of these manufacturers you will see throughout the build history of Power Curve Performance.  The point that 4WD action sees these experts as noncowboy companies speak highly to our Power Curve Performance model.

Did you know Power Curve Performance work alongside Barney to assist with the R&D on their upcoming products.


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One Stop 4WD Performance Shop

If you have read 4WD Action- Get more power from your diesel, you will know you do not need to call each of the leading diesel experts for their recommendation.  Power Curve Performance has the perfect alternative option.  Pop into our Sunshine Coast Dyno Tuning Performance workshop and meet our great team.  In the heart of Nambour we can supply fit and tune your 4wd with your Legendex exhaust, MTQ turbo upgrade, High Performance Diesel VNT controller or intercooler, and keep you safe with a diesel care filtration system.

Power Curve Performance team with the experience of supplying, installing and tuning all of these reliable products comes with a few added bonuses.  The experience the Dyno team gain makes Power Curve Performance a Sunshine Coast preferred mechanical service destination.  The team is well equipped with suspension upgrades to suit you the 4WD enthusiast needs and requirements.

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Are you ready for the Power Curve Performance Diesel Power?

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