Commodore over 12 months later

September last year Wayne came into the old Power Curve Performance workshop for a simple tune.  Coming from central Queensland he was in the area and decided to have his new holden commodore tuned.  Over 12 months later and a hell of a story later we are today working on Waynes next project.  Being he comes from Howard and left his Nissan Patrol with us for a few days work, the Commodore came down for a visit.  over 12 months later, holden commodore, Power Curve Performance, full package

Over 12 months earlier

Initially, in for a tune and dyno check, Patrick noticed the gearbox was just not right driving the car from park to the dyno.  Wayne was ok with things being checked out and unfortunately, a simple tune did not go to plan.  The gear box was in a bad way and so was Waynes luck.  This car was a new purchase and he had high hopes of a great new toy.   Wayne did not just opt for a fix of the transmission and tune, he went with the Commodore turning in to the car of his dreams.

Commodore over 12 months later

The Commodore Job list

  • 4l80E trans and tune
  • New tail shaft to handle a few mods
  • lifters
  • torque converter
  • valve springs
  • camshaft
  • double row timing chain
  • high volume race oil pump
  • injectors, fuel rails and gaskets
  • full exhaust system
  • cnc ported heads
  • crank shaft
  • rocker arms
  • head gasket
  • head studs
  • rocker covers
  • dyno tune

That’s just what I can remember over 12 months later.

over 12 months later, holden commodore, Power Curve Performance, full package, exhaust

over 12 months later, holden commodore, Power Curve Performance, full package, exhaust

Over 12 months later still smiling

Catching up with Wayne, Pat had a quick look at the work and is extremely happy to see the car.  From what could have been a real nightmare Wayne now has the commodore of his dreams.  He’s looking at giving it a respray, an ongoing job living on a dirt road.  Although Wayne didn’t intend on such a big project when he walked in the door.  The teams attitude, honesty and do it right the first time approach is why Wayne continues to choose the team.  It still drives like the day it was built and has not missed a beat.  Watching the Commodore drive away and maybe spin a few wheels on the way out over 12 months later really made our day today!


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