Kristy from Burson Hilux

Kristy from Burson Hilux did the rounds of the local mechanic shops for the right gear pre her move to North Queensland.  Set for camping and all of the adventures the north could bring.  Kristy has worked in Nambour as a parts interpreter and delivery for both Bruson and prior when known as car bits.

Kristy has a fairly good idea over her years in the town of the achievements, reputations and quality of workmanship that the workplaces turn out.  Kristy from Burson Hilux was Power Curve Performance.



Kristy from Burson Hilux

Toyota Hilux ECU Tune

Toyota manuals require a performance clutch upgrade.  Power Curve Performance installs NPC or 4terrain depending on customer preference.  This Hilux was set up with an NPC to suit the massive load with the new canopy that was next to be installed by Elite Engineering.  The Hilux standard clutch will not withstand the power of an ECU tune upgrade.

Kristy from Burson Hilux has been set up with a fully custom ECU tune to suit her engine and performance needs.  The torque around the 70km/hr mark lift from 251NM to 395NM at the rear wheels.  This is an increase of 144NM of bottom end torque when Kristie will need to overtake with a fully loaded Hilux.


Kristy from Burson HiluxKristy from Burson Hilux, ECU Tune, Clutch upgrade, towing, North QLD trip

Traveling with your Toyota Hilux

When travelling in remote areas considering taking on challenges such as creek crossings and off-road tracks your baseline ECU tune and clutch are the first step.

Consider safety precautions including

Kristy from Burson Hilux

Seems Kristy from Burson Hilux drives quite well


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