QLD GVM 4WD Upgrades

QLD GVM and GCM 4WD upgrades are gracing the feeds of our socials and magazines currently.  After the come down on the 4WD industry regarding lift kits and 4WD accessories the new highlight of our attention has been how much weight we can carry.  Power Curve clients and our team have been upgrading and modifying 4wds for years.  Its never been until now that the QLD GVM side of things has become so big in our lives.  They may be a big thing but they would have to be one of the most miss-understood terms in our industry for both the professional and the client.


Power Curve Performance QLD GVM 4WD Upgrade clients are coming to our showroom confused about what is and are not fact.  The reason is that there is no handbook on what is or is not legal and what it is for your state.  Here in Australia, we have great freedom of speech and as I am doing now writing an informative blog.  Anyone in Australia can inform you of an option.  In honesty a lot of the opinions or information are correct.  The miss information is here in QLD for our GVM 4wd upgrade clients, is the information is not relevant to our state here in QLD.  The blog you read could be relevant to another states laws or now out of date with the law. 

As frustrating as it is for everyone each state has two laws they are governed by, state and federal.  State law is different in some fashion in all states of Australia but governed by each individual state.  State law comes into effect after the vehicle is registered, as they are registered under state compliance or code.  Anything modified after registration in that state must meet the state compliance at the time it is modified.  

Federal compliance is a federal governed law and is a blanket law put onto vehicles Australia wide.  There is more you can do pre-purchase across the country prior to registration than there is post-registration.  The reason for this is there are rules and regulations that relate to the vehicles sold in Australia and as brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu, Ford etc.  Being that these brand are a nationwide brand and vehicles in Australia are fairly important, they are governed by federal law and level of standards that must be complied by in all states.  Meaning that under federal law you can upgrade a vehicle GCM and not all state laws allow for this when registration is applied.


The state and federal law are what makes QLD GVM 4WD upgrades frustrating for QLD 4wd owners.  Not to discredit our fellow states frustrations but be it nearly every state has some difference in its laws. QLD is my home and the home of Power Curve Performance so I learn what is relevant for my clients in my state who I serve.  Currently as of 8/2/2021 as I write this blog QLD GVM law states that any post registered vehicle can not increase its GCM as a post rego or state vehicle.  It can on some increase the GVM under state law.  This makes things very simple across the state as to what the laws are however right now at 6:57 pm sitting at my kitchen table on this date QLD is as it stands and there is no, if, buts or maybe that is our law.  In other states, there are different laws around GVM, GCM, BTC and road worthies.  As much as Australia is very much freedom of speech and rights it would help you and I so very much if we just complied with federal law.  At least so we all understand the law we are meant to abide by.  

What makes the clear understanding of the 4wd or tourer owner is a clear cut law of what is required of them and for them.  With many companies offering products there is a flood of miss-information and also unfortunate owners believing they are driving a legal vehicle in illegal vehicles.  This is where not everything you read online is correct.  It may be correct and relevant in the state it is written in at the time it is written, however, if your not aware of the state or time it has been written its just an online article.

Most frustrating is the shop selling a kit that they hope one day to be compliant and promising a compliance plate when the law changes.  

QLD GVM 4WD Upgrades

QLD GVM Law change guarantee 

A shop that tells you they hope for their product to be legal in the future in QLD GVM they’ll fit it and send you compliance when the law changes are unethical at the least.  Ever seen a parent tells their kid after they ask for the 20th time, they might go to the park later.  They might go to the park, even if it’s raining, they are onto their 4th beer on a Sunday arvo and just wanting to chill out and get ready for Monday.  The last thing they want to do is go to the park.   Yes, they might end up at the park for some very unforeseen reason but what is the certainty of that kid going to the park.  I give them a rating of 10/100, no how well intending the parent really is.  The child is content for half an hour that they might go to the park and the adult can go back to doing what suits them peacefully for a little longer. 

4wd shops are selling a product that’s, I’ve seen $10000 -$30000 of a potential future QLD GVM or GCM upgrade.  With a parent promises that is the government ever change their law, they will send out a modification plate for you to affix to your car.  (You also can not do that, but that’s the least of this problem)  People do go down this path.  What surprises me in this is if you are concerned about legalities why make your vehicle more illegal in the hope that one day it may be legal.  How can you ever know 100% that you will be going to the park?  Seems the parent has their outcome and you the child have been silenced and the parent hopes you dont return demanding to go to the park.  If you do return, oh hell its raining sorry, couldnt of seen that coming.  Ie no QLD GCM upgrade for you, too bad so sad, we never 100% gauranteed we could, its the governments fault.  The QLD state government has been saying for years and more so in the past 12mths that the law will be unified here in QLD.  But until the grovel drops and the law change the law stands as it is.  Lovells GCM upgrades that are legal if you buy a vehicle and upgrade it pre-registration.  If you do the same upgrade as a federal upgrade you meet state compliance right now and if the law changes you can upgrade it.  You will be able to upgrade it because the kit meets the federal compliance so there are no more hoops to jump, the i have been dotted we just have to wait for the t to be crossed. However, no one will send you a plate to sign you off.  The car needs to come back in, have the parts checked, weights, and all items passed.  Currently, you are state legal for the GVM component.

I have been asked so many times when the law will change, but if I had a crystal ball would be the only way I can answer that in 100% certainty.  Anyone including the guy that passes the law has no idea on a date-time or 100% that it will change.  Anyone who believes from whatever source that it will change, call it what you like but they have no idea. 

Secondly, the actual fact behind people increasing kits with a 10% GVM upgrade with a modification plate.  The concern is just how to correct some of these mod plates are and how legal they are.  I know as a mechanical shop we have seen many vehicles come in with a roadworthy certificate that no way the inspector has ever even passed their eye over.  If I come up to you and offered you a drug and told you it was legal, you get pulled up by a police officer and plea that I told you it was legal and ok to take.  What would that policeman say?  At the end of the day, a mod plate your not sure of means nothing and your car can be taken off the road faster than you can say, but they said I can.  A client asked me to road worthy a vehicle with a fiber glass roof the other day.  He bought it with a road worthy so why could I not do the same.  Because it is not road worthy, you can actually follow the last road worthy up based on the fact the car should never of passed.

QLD GVM 4WD Upgrades

GVM 4WD upgrades are something that is new to Power Curve over the past few years.  While we have known about them our actual integration into fitting them has come around as most things do here at Power Curve, a service our client requires.  As we have a reputation for honesty and products that work and are correct and when they are not coming up with the diagnostics to.  Not just this modifying a vehicle or compliance a vehicle as a business is to Power Curve a very serious task.  While legally the risk seems to the consumer to sit with you.  The obligation and rules we must follow are stringent.  As a GVM installer so much sits on our shoulders, outside of the investment and honour we feel of the consumer entrusting us with their upgrades.  We were fortunate enough to start our GVM upgrades with Lovells and as we have explored other upgrades since Lovells is who we feel ost confidence with for us and our clients. Not anyone can install a GVM upgrade you must be a certified installer and this is a government check and pass that comes with the relevant tooling and equipment.  This is why a GVM upgrade costs more and takes longer.  There is more than a wheel alignment to do and the paper work takes time.  

Lovells are the old dog in the kennel.  They are hated and respected in their field in the states and federal circles.  This seems negative but it comes around as they have pushed boundaries and rules, they have been pulled over the coals and worked with the Aftermarket associations to make our vehicles what they are and keep us touring Australia.  A new hurdle is put up and they get out the pole jolt stick and make the jump and clear it. As a business owner, I look to their process and business in admirations.  Lovells have read in between the lines and created suspension and upgrades that are 100% legal.  Their ongoing upgrade process is so to the point that it is impossible to get wrong.  They care for the law, product, client and their dealers.  There is so much care, attention and respect for the law and their reputation that Lovells no matter where they have been forced to sit with a lack of product availability due to covid are worth the wait.  If for no more than you know you are using a corret product on your vehicle and it is right.

QLD GVM 4WD Upgrades

Understanding the difference between state and federal law and legislation for GVM 4wd upgrades.  The best way forward that works for Power Curve and our clients is communication.  Here at Power Curve, we are focused on clients needs and outcome above how big the sale is.  We don’t offer packages and deals on our skills and experience.  We do offer communication and a keen interest in the best outcome for our clients.  Our clients respect this and us them and that is why we have the reputation we have.  Here at Power Curve, we gather information and facts on your needs.  If we can not offer you an outcome we will not do the job.  We are as happy to say no to a job as you may be to choose the business you work with.  What works is finding out your goals with your vehicle, your actual needs and that of your use of your vehicle.  We offer clear information.  Not all vehicles are offered GVM upgrades.  GVM upgrades are an aftermarket product and due to the expenses in creating them and the fees in compliance that companies such as Lovells need to pay only the most common vehicles have products on the market.  There is also a lot of miss-communication in setting up a suspension kit correctly and setting up a 4wd for a weekend trip you take once a year may not be the best outcome for you long term.   Working with Power Curve for your 4wd GVM upgrade there are things you should ask yourself first.


  • Why do you want a GVM, GCM upgrade?
  • What will this upgrade mean to you?
  • How often will this upgrade come into play or use in your GVM upgraded 4wd?
  • What is your GVM of your vehicle 99% of the time or your constant rate?
  • What changes and upgrades are you wantting to do in the future?
  • Do you know the current rate of your vehicle?

Power Curve Performance offer as an introduction of QLD GVM 4wd upgrades

When you speak with one of Power Curves GVM specialists we will require some information from you to make sure, 1 you actually require the upgrade and 2, you get the upgrade that suits your needs.  Firstly you should be sure of the weight of your vehicle.  When we carry out a GVM 4wd upgrade we weigh the vehicle to make sure that it will meet legislation weights and fall under the weight required.  If you are unsure of the weight Power Curve offer this service for a small fee.  

What kit suits your needs. 

There are a few different kits and GVM upgrades available on the market.  One of the most common issues with upgrades in suspension is setting your every day drive the car up to suit your vehicle for a trip you take twice a year for two weeks.  There are other things to add to your vehicle such as airbags that suit this.  Incorrect set up of a vehicle is what gives products a false name of being rough or not fit for purpose and the worst thing we ever did.  You need the right set up, if it’s not right we will refuse fitment.  We want to know what the constant rate of your vehicle is.  If you drive your car Monday to Friday your constant rate is just how that car is set up on these days.  The only reason that is irrelevant is if you have a trip vehicle that is designated as a trip vehicle.  Even then the rule applies, whatever you do with the car 90% of the time is how it should be set up.  Communicate with the Power Curve Performance GVM specialist regarding your set up for the right fitment of your vehicle and what the current laws actually require.  

Allow time

GVM upgrades are a government process and do not happen overnight.  It is rare that we can install a kit next week most of the time.  If you are enquiring about a GVM upgrade you are making a choice to change this vehicle in the fashion for the long term.  You need to make time, ask questions and be sure of the outcome.  Do not ring up at 4:55 pm on a friday for a GVM consultation.  Be sure you ask all of the questions you need to know.  GVM upgrades are not cheap however signing up to modify your vehicle in this way for the rest of your relationship if incorrect because you didn’t have time to invest in the correct information is more expensive to you in the long term.  We are passionate about the work that the aftermarket manufactures have put millions of dollars into providing products to suit our Australian needs and we want you to benefit from the experience and the outcome.  That is what Power Curve is about and that is what we are here to offer you.  If you wish to arrange a consultation with a GVM specialist in regards to your QLD 4WD GVM Upgrade, click the contact us, link and we will be happy to assist your journey.