TD42 Turbo Diognostic

Power Curve has a strong background with an assortment of petrol and diesel vehicles.  Power Curves performance sector allows us an above-average understanding of a vehicle, how it works and how parts such as turbos work and are needed.  The assistance of our dyno as a diagnostic tool makes it easier for our team to replicate an on-road simulation that gives our mechanical technicians the upper hand in diagnostics.

Customer Concern

This particular TD42 Nissan Patrol presented with a description from the client with a  lack of bottom end power until 1800rpm- booked in for a tune to resolve.

Power Curve Performance TD42 Turbo Tune

After an initial check run, the customer concern of lack of bottom end power was easily identifiable.  The Power Curve team based on our experience with the Nissan Patrol and the TD42 engine the lack of power was more than expected even without a tune.   Dyno dynamics dyno reflected the afr 15-1 and no boost until the 1800rpm indicating an issue of some kind.  Proceeding to make the initial adjustments to the pump resulted in no change as would be expected with a tune on a TD42 without a mechanical fault.  TD42 Turbo Nissan Patrol with all components working well these adjustments will begin to see the 4×4 start to respond and improve.  No response or results indicate something further at fault.  At this point, depending on the situation and vehicle we will investigate further.  At this point the Power Curve team will not move forward with the client’s dyno tune.    Alternatively, if we need to start doing serious investigation such as pulling things apart to a further degree than the price you have agreed to the customer will receive a call from our service manager to seek approval or a rebooking to move forward.

Outcome TD42 Turbo

The client in this case wished to move forward with the investigation as to the lack of power.  Power Curves investigation of the TD42 Turbo found a clear indication that the turbocharger has a very badly sandblasted compressor wheel.  This has caused the result in the lazy boost curve and low power as per the customers’ concern.  The outcome for the customer will be a new turbo.  The customer is now working with our team on the outcome and a new turbo will be sourced and installed. Power Curve is a mechanical and performance workshop, we do not sell or recommend products for clients whos vehicles we are not working on.  This situation is a prime reason as to why we do not offer this.  While a blog can give us a clear indication of our findings on this clients turbo there are many reasons for a vehicle being under power.  There are many mechanical parts that create power.  To offer verbal advise over the phone or recommend products is something Power Curve does not offer.  We do however offer our experience and knowledge via diagnostic blocks, booked with our experienced team.

This clients TD42 Turbo Nissan Patrol will be back on the dyno in the not to distant future with a new turbo ready to tune all components of the TD42 for a great everyday and weekend 4×4.

TD42 Turbo Nissan Patrol Turbo failed


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