Trip Hilux

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This is Emmas Mum and Dad. (that little lady is our youngest, Bella)  You would think naturally they would be Power Curve Performances biggest fans and loyal customers.  Well like most family working on your own families cars can be one of the hardest gigs in town.  When we started Power Curve Performance they bought their cars in for a service.  I really did not expect them to keep coming back.  They had been to the same mechanic in their hometown for as long as I can remember.  As much as they love their kids rightfully they are busy people and in much need of a reliable car.  It wasn’t their last service and Patrick and I were and are over the moon with the compliment.

The trip Toyota Hilux they purchased from Tasmania due to the custom massive slide on camper was purchased after the Power Curve Performance startup.  At this time a few years back Patrick was the only ECU Toyota tuner on the East Coast of Australia with the second located in WA.  The Hilux was in Queensland for days when we had it brought in and a new clutch and ECU tune installed.

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The Trip Hilux

My dad wasn’t really sure about this side of the upgrade a general service was about the extent of his engine upgrade knowledge.  Once tuned the hilux is now one of my dads favourite subjects.  As a matter of fact, if you don’t have a lot of time don’t ask him because he will tell you how much he loves it!  The Trip Hilux putted about ok if you dropped it back a few gears and got into the grey nomad trip zone.  The clutch and Tune for the D4D was by coincidence only the best tune Patrick has ever achieved on a Hilux.  Every engine is different to the next and this one has turned into a reliable animal!

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The Trip Hilux now travels all over Australia seeing the vast beautiful natural beauties this country has to offer.  In semi-retirement, the Hilux is getting a work over.  The engine and ECU tune is getting put to the test.

The Next Trip Hilux Adventure

Next year the Hilux is off to the cape! Without the slide on due to the rough roads and back to a camper trailer.  With Dads Birthday and Christmas within days, I have asked the team to install the Superior 4 port diff breather kit.

The factory Diff Breathers in your vehicle are designed to a budget and to get the the job done.

If you are doing any sort of real offroad driving, then you need to extend your diff breathers up into the engine bay or cabin to keep the water out.

The kit is supplied with everything you need including diff fittings, manifold and hose.

NOTE: these are a universal fitment, please be aware that some modifications may be required to fit to some vehicles.
Fittings supplied are 1/8th NTP thread.

Included in Kit:

  • 4 x Press in Diff Fittings 1/8th NTP
  • 1 x Manifold Block
  • 4 x Press in Manifold Fittings
  • 4 x Air Filters
  • 1 x Length of Hose
  • 2 x Stanless Steel Mounting Screws

These great Breathers retail at $140 and are now available in store.


The next upgrade for Dad will be under the Christmas tree a Legendex Throttle controller.  He loves his power so I want to give the throttle matching response.

Why do you need Thrust Monkey?

Eliminate accelerator lag. You put your foot down to overtake or pull away from the lights – but your 4WD just doesn’t respond right away. That’s accelerator lag – it’s incredibly frustrating – but the Thrust Monkey fixes it.

It’s a question of safety.  When you’re overtaking or crossing an intersection you need to complete the action fast! But your factory throttle map won’t let you do it fast. With a Thrust Monkey there are no compromises when it comes to the safety of your family.

Custom Towing Map. You’re towing and merging with fast traffic but your 4WD is so sluggish it’s verging on dangerous. You really need Thrust Monkey to make your throttle more responsive.

Off-road traction control.  You are in low range off-road and gingerly rock-crawling. You need to give it more power but you don’t want to lurch or go too far too quickly. Or you’re losing traction in sand because the throttle is just too aggressive. You need greater throttle sensitivity and Thrust Monkey gives it to you.

Why Your Factory Throttle Fails. One throttle map simply can’t do it all. It has to compromise and so fails to do any of them well.

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How does Thrust Monkey work?

Thrust Monkey modifies the acceleration curve on electronic throttle controlled 4WDs. It enables you to choose how your 4WD responds to your accelerator. From more aggressive response and acceleration – to more sensitive and delicate control – and 21 variations in between.

  • OFF-ROAD MODE (7 sensitivity settings) … Extra-sensitive control for low-traction surfaces and low-range rock-crawling. Doubles as economy mode for long-distance cruising.
  • TOWING MODE (7 intensity settings) … Instant response for decisive, safer overtaking and merging.
  • SPORTS MODE (7 intensity settings) … High-performance response for grunt-on-demand.

Precise control

Precise throttle control for agile off-road & delicate low range driving.

Instant response

Instant response for decisive, safer manoeuvres and overtaking.

Adjustable curves

Adjustable to 21 throttle curves for total control – 3 main modes x 7 fine curve adjustments per mode – plus factory curve.

Removes accelerator lag

Get rid of that annoying & dangerous accelerator lag.

Change settings on the move

Fast & easy adjustments on the move with a simple press of the illuminated button.

More Accessible Power

Thrust Monkey does not give your engine more power, but it makes what power you have more available and easier to control. In reality that really feels and acts like more more power and improves your driving experience.

Available in store $359

These days we have moved to a more universal product.  The Idrive now renamed the EVC ultimate 9.  The unit is smaller, better priced and does just the same jobs as the thrust monkey.

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