Undetonated ZD30 DI BMW

Undetonated ZD30 DI BMW, why?  Statements like grenade, ticking time bomb, the downfall of the Nissan Patrol.  Peoples first question when they figure out there is a Un detonated ZD30 Direct injection engine in our BMW is Why.  Well, simply why not?

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Undetonated ZD30 DI BMW Beginnings

Initially converted as a fun talking point for the annual Patrol4x4.com show and shine August 2017.  The ZD30 direct injection engine that we transplanted into the BMW was a personal test to see how far we could take the grenade engine.  Many out there have a passion to hate the ZD30 DI there are many that love them.  The aim was to see just how far we could take the ZD30 ourselves without putting a valued customers vehicle to the test.

Goal set to achieve an outcome with a few important components to control the whole system.  Full ability to tune the ZD30 DI via the ECU inhouse and our transmission control unit to run the automatic.  A short build and turn over supported the idea to just to work with a running engine and build from there.  Power Curve Performance upgraded the BMW with the ZD30 Di and added 100% injectors, turbo, intercooler, ECU tune, Power Curve Performance transmission control unit and a few tinkery bits.

The word was spreading about the Undetonated ZD30 DI BMW and everyone was ready to see the launch or detonation date with the dyno.

Patrol4x4.com show and shine came and went and still, the ZD30 DI did not detonate.

ZD30 DI BMW, Drags, Power Curve PerformanceZD30 DI BMW, Drags, Power Curve Performance


Off to Willowbank Raceway, the staff had an amazing night stretching her legs and turning some heads.  Still no detonation and a time of 13.4.  The Undetonated ZD30 DI BMW is now registered as it seems to be lasting the distance and we needed a parts collection vehicle.

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Personal best last night, ZD30Di rolled out 300hp (225kw) through an auto with one of our controllers, diesel only and at 39psi with 20-1afrs!!

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Last dynoed on January 22nd Patrick produced a personal best of 304.4 horsepower or 227 kw from the little ZD.  Appreciative of those who are aware this is in a small BMW minus the inclusion of large 4×4 tyres etc the figure is still impressive.


ZD30 DI BMW, tow vehicle, Power Curve Performance, ECU tuning, ZD30 Tuning

Tow vehicle of choice at the workshop, if you have ever had an engineless or vehicle that is not running to our workshop chances are the ZD30 DI has probably towed your vehicle into the shop.

Killy Utes and Boots, ZD30 BMW, donut pad, skid pad, mud

Killy Utes and Boots, ZD30 BMW

Killy Utes and Boots 2018

Most recent show for the Undetonated ZD30 DI BMW was the Killy Utes and Boots show.  Drags, muddy doughnut pad and tinny race made our day in a few of our converted cars.  Undetonated ZD30 DI BMW, V8 Ford Ranger and Barry the Ford Barra Nissan Patrol all came out to play.  The little BMW that could sure is a lot of fun and gives us great confidence in the ZD30 Direct injected engine.  Power, for now, is maxed to what we can achieve with the technology available to hand.  Maybe in the future, we will swap the direct injected for a common rail for a bit of experiment.  Our current project is the V8 conversion into the Ford Ranger as a real business plan not just for fun like the BMW.  We will continue to drive and abuse our own BMW ZD30 for a while to come and if it detonates well it comes very well deserved.  Common question or statement is we must have a lot of fun in all of the cool cars we get through the door and upgrade.  We save the fun to you in your car and have ours on designated events, dynos and drag strips in our own toys.

Killy Utes and Boots, ZD30 BMW

check out the mud!


Do you own a ZD30 DI or CRD?  Looking for improved towing, overtaking and reliability call our team for more information on just how we can achieve this for you.