250HP TD42

Today Imran discovered his 180HP TD42 purchase was a lie, Imran actually bought a 250HP TD42!  250HP TD42 patrol needed a good once over to check the vehicle out pre road worthy and for peace of mind. Lucky for Imran most of his concerns were not as costly a fix as he first thought and the team quick diagnosed and repaired those that where.  To be honest this Patrol is one of the better-kept Nissans that have come through the door.

The 250HP TD42 boasts a 4″ exhaust and the vibrations and noises the system produced have been rectified.  Close to Christmas Imran has pre-ordered some more superior upgrades once we have the items back in stock.

Superior Drag link for the 250HP TD42

This visit sees the patrol with a new Superior Drag link solid bar with a Lifetime warranty against bending!


250HP TD42

250HP TD42

This is a Competition Spec Adjustable Drag Link to suit the Nissan Patrol GU 1/2000 Wagon to current model with a 2-6 inch lift.

Superior Engineering Manufacture the Worlds strongests Patrol Steering Rods on the market !

We are the only company to use the 35mm OD 4340m High Tensile Bar that is CNC machined to exact tolerance to create the toughest steering rods available.

Superior Engineering Rock Rods are also finished in a 7 step SA5 Zinc anti-corrosion finish so rust will not effect the threads, unlike other brands.

To understand the massive gain in strength you need to see these being punished compared to other aftermarket items available on the Australian Market, if you have one of these Superior Comp Spec Rock Rods and your mates don’t they will be in serious trouble trying to keep up with you in the tracks.

Superior Engineering Tie rod ends are the Extra Heavy Duty Female style in 30mm x 1.5 pitch and are also greaseable. These tie rod ends are extremely large and stronger than the smaller male threaded tie rod ends that other manufacturers use, Comp Spec tie rod ends also utilise the split clamp design that ensures there is no possible way they can come loose.

If you are serious about driving your truck hard then you need a Superior Competition Spec Rock Rod!

Use TE4225R & TE4225L rod ends.

Adjustable and replaceable Tie rod ends are supplied with the drag link and come with a damper bracket to suit 1/2000 to current model wagons.

(Drag links are the front rod that connects to the steering box)

Retailing at $375

(price as of 8/12/17, + fitting)

250HP TD42

All Power Curve Performance upgrades available inhouse only no advice provided on recommended products, estimates on vehicles once seen and on high powered upgrades inhouse servicing is recomended.

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