Everything you need to know about GVM Upgrades

As Sunshine Coast GVM upgrade experts, Power Curve Automotive can answer all of your questions about GVM upgrades for your vehicle. Every car has a maximum weight when fully loaded, otherwise known as its Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). This is the total weight of the vehicle including a full tank of fuel, any exterior accessories, luggage inside the vehicle and passengers. Exceeding this limit is dangerous, illegal and can cause mechanical issues or failure.

A Lovells GVM upgrade is an effective way to increase your vehicle’s weight limit. This allows you to add those extra accessories and carry all of the gear you need to enjoy your adventures without going over the legal limit.

What is the process of a GVM upgrade?

A GVM upgrade involves fitting suspension components such as shock absorbers and springs. Manufacturers such as Lovell’s have created suspension products for the most popular vehicles the federal and state governments approve. Once the package is fitted, an accredited engineer will assess the vehicle to ensure braking, stability and all of the vehicle’s safety standards are met. The vehicle must then be registered at a higher capacity to approve the vehicle’s upgraded GVM and legally allow you to carry more weight. 

GVM upgrades

What are the benefits of a GVM upgrade?

If your vehicle is overloaded, A Lovells GVM Upgrade will ensure you follow all regulations with your 4WD vehicle and keep you safe on the road. Refer to your owner’s manual or vehicle’s weight placard card to find the GVM. If you are unsure the weight of your vehicle, Power Curve Performance offer an inhouse GVM weight check that is accurate and convenient.

Remember to consider the extra weight your car may have when packed with passengers, luggage or camping gear. If you are close to exceeding the limit, a GVM upgrade is a great way to ensure you have the freedom to add additional accessories without risking your safety. 

Why choose Power Curve Automotive for your Sunshine Coast GVM Upgrade?

A GVM upgrade can only be installed by an authorised production facility. Power Curve Automotive is an authorised fitter of Lovell’s GVM Upgrade kits on the Sunshine Coast. Our experienced team have installed this upgrade on various vehicle models and are specialists in the process from start to finish.

It is important to note that every state in Australia has different laws around compliance for GVM upgrades. Power Curve Automotive can provide all the information specific to your vehicle to ensure your upgrade meets safety standards and avoids unnecessary fines.

For more information on GVM upgrades for your vehicle, contact the friendly Power Curve Automotive team. Our specialised staff are the Sunshine Coast’s GVM Upgrade experts and can help you with any questions you may have.

GVM Upgrades

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